2006 - 2nd Place - CAB

CAB's "Kentucky Fried (Lamar) Cardinal" earned it 2nd place in 2006.

Window Wars is a contest during Homecoming sponsored by Student Organization Council where organizations paint University Center windows in accordance with the Homecoming theme that year. Judges will select the best windows based on artistry, creativity, and application of the theme.

There are currently two categories: one for organizations (usually Sponsored Student Organizations) who have a "storefront" window of their own, usually in the University Center phase III, giving them much more space to work with, and one for other organizations (usually Registered Student Organizations) who need to use one of the smaller window panes in front of the UC Food Court or the UTSA Bookstore. Downtown Campus organizations and UTSA offices also have their own categories in the contest.






  • 1st Place (DT): La Despedida

2010 (15th)Edit

Spring 2011Edit

Fall 2011Edit

2013 (19th)Edit

  • 3rd Place: VIP Gospel Choir
  • 2nd Place: Zeta Tau Alpha
  • 1st Place: Hispanic Student Association
  • 1st Place (DT): Associated Builders and Contractors[1]
  • Storefront Contest: Counseling Services
  • Storefront Runner-Up: Undergraduate Admissions
  • Door Decorating: Student Leadership Center
  • Door Runner-Up: Associate Dean of Students
  • Door Decorating (DT): Pre-Freshman Engineering Program
  • Door Runner-Up (DT): Tomás Rivera Center
  • Office Decorating: Welcome Center
  • Office Decorating (DT): Undergraduate Admissions & Welcome Center
  • Office Runner-Up (DT): Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services[2]


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