Week of Welcome 2004 (or WOW 2004) took place from Wednesday, August 18th to Tuesday, August 31st. This year brought the introduction of "Rowdy Days", two days of mandatory activities for incoming freshmen that resulted in the semester starting on Wednesday, two days later than normal. Certain Monday and Tuesday events (August 23rd and 24th) were required for Freshmen and Freshmen Transfer students to attend.

This was also the last year the event was called "Week of Welcome". The concepts for Rowdy Days and Week of Welcome were merged to form Roadrunner Days starting in 2005. Roadrunner Camp was retained in future years but was not listed as part of Roadrunner Days.

The movie shown outside on Sunday night was Starsky & Hutch. The movie shown in the UC on Tuesday evening was Van Helsing.


Day Date Time Campus Location Event[1]
Wed Aug 18-20 8a-6p 1604 Roadrunner Information Tables
Thu Aug 19-20 T Bar M Ranch Roadrunner Camp
Fri Aug 20 9a-5p 1604 Housing UTSA on the Move
Fri Aug 20 6p-8p 1604 Chaparral Village Rowdy's Chow Time
Fri Aug 20 9p-12 1604 Housing UTSA Night at Wal-Mart
Sat Aug 21 9p-2a 1604 Rec Center Late Night at the Rec
Sat Aug 21 Noon-4p 1604 Oaks Phase III Shopping Shuttle
Sun Aug 22 9p-11p 1604 East Lawn Movie Night on the Lawn
Sun Aug 22 7p-8:30p 1604 East Lawn Around the World in 80 Minutes
Mon Aug 23 8:30a-3p 1604 BB 2.06.04 Honors College Orientation
Mon Aug 23 7p-9p 1604 Housing Bring Down the Housing
Tue Aug 24 1p-2:30p 1604 Convo Fall Convocation
Tue Aug 24 10a-11a DT FS 1.406, BV 1.328 SOA & COPP Orientations
Tue Aug 24 1604 East Lawn Finding Your Classes
Tue Aug 24 FS Commons Finding Your Classes
Tue Aug 24 3:45p-4:30p DT FS 1.406 Performance/Presentation
Tue Aug 24 7p-9p 1604 Laurel Room Movie Night at the UC
Wed Aug 25 11a-12:30p 1604 Sombrilla Roadrunner Spirit Rally With the President
Wed Aug 25 12:30p-2p 1604 Bill Miller Plaza President's Picnic in the Plaza
Wed Aug 25 5p-7:30p 1604 East Lawn President's Fall Reception and BBQ
Wed Aug 25 10a-4p 1604 Outside the UC WOW Blood Drive
Wed Aug 25 4p-5p 1604 UC Ski Lodge VOICES Meet-n-Greet
Wed Aug 25 7:30p-8:30p 1604 Convo Rowdy Comedy Night - Dat Phan
Thu Aug 26 4:30p-6:30p DT Bill Miller Plaza President's Evening Picnic in the Plaza
Thu Aug 26 8:30p-11p 1604 PE Building Gyms Howdy Rowdy Bash
Thu Aug 26 10a-4p 1604 Outside the UC WOW Blood Drive
Thu Aug 26 10a-2p 1604 UC Phase II Student Employment Fair
Thu Aug 26 4p-5:30p 1604 BB 2.06.04 Graduate Student Orientation
Fri Aug 27 10a-2p DT FS Commons Student Employment Fair
Fri Aug 27 4-7p 1604 Sombrilla Greek Fajita Fest
Sat Aug 28 1-3:30p 1604 Retama Interfaith Gathering
Tue Aug 31 4-5:30p DT FS 1.402 Graduate Student Orientation


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