The UTSA Ambassadors (or Ambassadors) are the official hospitality committee of the university. Reporting directly to the Office of the President, they are distinguishable in their uniforms, complete with a blazer featuring the university seal. They give tours to special university guests, usher at all commencement ceremonies, and, recently, usher at UTSA home football games.

The UTSA Ambassadors were established in 1988.[1] The Ambassadors' advisor is Dr. Pat Graham, an employee of UTSA since it opened.

"The Ambassadors" won the co-rec league of intramural soccer in Spring 2011.[2] Ambassador sisters Caitlyn and Candice Griffith won Student Leader of the Month together for August/September 2007; Joseph Granado won it for October 2008. Under the revised name for the award, Roadrunner of the Month, Nicci Campbell won for November 2012.

Homecoming courtEdit

Due to the GPA requirement for Ambassadors being the same as that for Mr. and Ms. UTSA, Ambassadors are frequently finalists and winners, sometimes even having to campaign against each other. Winners include Tahnee Roubidoux (1992), Nicole Wicha (1993), Lisa Crenshaw (1994), James Wenzel (1994), Angela Taylor (1997), Natalie Hall (1998), Gerri Williams (1999), Charles Jones (2001), Kristy Pacheco (2003), Stephen Cheney (2004), Jennifer Villarreal (2006), Rob Linder (2006), Dan Iza (2007), Megan Graham (2009), Akshay Thusu (2009), Krystal Nicholson (Spring 2011), Diana Cuervo (Fall 2011), BJ Winston (Fall 2011), Rebecca Smith (2013), Carl Willis (2014), and Manojna Kintada (2015). Finalists include Brian Wheeler (1994), Siew Sun Tai (1997), Judy Juarez (1998), Marcus Glasgow (1998), Belinda Garza (2001), Dustin Kuhn (2001), Marcus Gilmore (2003), Jennifer Villarreal (2005), Analicia Jaramillo (2005), "Chencho" Pareida (2005), Stephanie Swords (2007), Joseph Granado (2009), JR Buenrostro (2010), Lyndsey Luther (Fall 2011), Christine Velasquez (2013), Korede Osifuwa (2014), Jerome Scott (2014), and Lauren Lopez (2015).


Starting in May 2011, the Public Relations committee of UTSA Ambassadors began publishing a monthly newsletter. It features Ambassador birthdays for that month, tour and hour leaders up to that point, upcoming events, a "photo of the month", a Did You Know? column, and a Guess Who? segment that mentions interesting facts about an Ambassador--only to reveal the answer in the next issue.

Featured Ambassadors and Ambassadors Alumni of the Month

Month Vol Issue Ambassador Ambassador in Training Alumni
May 2011 I 1 Ashley Simpson Rohan Goswami '07
I 2
October 2011 I 3 Harrison Pierce, Joey Whitehouse Phillip Caldwell
November 2011 I 4 Polet Figueroa, Vee Wilkerson Kimberly Caldwell
December 2011 I 5 Jerome Scott Miranda Hernandez, Rachelle Mai Gina Leonard-Ziino
February 2012 I 6 Stephen Cheney
March 2012 I 7 Joey Whitehouse James Nyondo
April 2012 I 8 Jessica Figueroa Allison Guettner

For volume II, Alumni of the Month was replaced with an Ambassador Outreach segment, covering how various Ambassadors are active elsewhere on campus.

Month Vol Issue Ambassador Ambassador Outreach
Summer 2012 II 1
II 2
October 2012 II 3 Meagan Bell Nate Shaw
November 2012 II 4 Lois Paatan Nicci Campbell

In the February 2012 Valentine-themed edition, Dr. Pat Graham and Sally Crouser of the Special Events Center were honored instead of any Ambassadors. 



Year Coordinator Assistant Coordinator Secretary
1992-1993 Aimee Denison Nancy Meza Lisa Crenshaw
1993-1994 Nicole Wicha Lisa Crenshaw Andrea White
1994-1995 Shawn Sily Andrea White Rachel Dupnik
1995-1996 Brian Wheeler David Cantu Lucy Morales
1997-1998 Chris Sily Andrea Hall Evelyn Miles
1998-1999 Angeles Borrego Evelyn Miles Astrid Botello
1999-2000 Jacob Kluger Pamela Kilrain Ana Hernandez
2000-2001 Belinda Garza Rene Rendon Anica Cortez
2001-2002 Nelly Garcia Jason Bratton Delma Barrera
2002-2003 Nelly Garcia Martha Ayala Christina Sanchez
2003-2004 Clara Garza Philip Caldwell Amanda Haiduk
2004-2005 Danny Wilks Vanessa Amador Lucia Gonzalez
2005-2006 Rohan Goswami Laurenn Calvo Lucia Gonzalez
2006-2007 Rohan Goswami Nicole Dewath Michelle Lindner


In 2007, the secretary position was replaced with a second Assistant Coordinator position.

Year Coordinator Assistant Coordinator Assistant Coordinator
2007-2008 Robert Garcia Caitlyn Griffith Candice Griffith
2008-2009 Diana Garcia Maya Gonzalez Berenice Coronado
2009-2010 Maya Gonzalez Joseph Granado Allison Guettner
2010-2011 Marissa Ramos Joseph Granado Harrison Pierce
2011-2012 Harrison Pierce Jessica Figueroa Iliana Sanchez
2012-2013 Joey Whitehouse Krystal Nicholson Meg Tompkins

For 2012-2013, the secretary position was reinstituted and filled by Karen Gutierrez.

For committee chairs, see List of UTSA Ambassadors committee chairs.


UTSA Ambassadors won Best UTSA Spirit in the booth decorating contest at the 2014 Fiesta UTSA.

Event Item Price Quant.
2012 Fiesta UTSA Onion Rings
2012 Best Fest Fried Oreos
2013 Fiesta UTSA Fried Pickles $2
2013 Best Fest Fried Oreos $1/$2 1/3
2014 Fiesta UTSA Fried Oreos $1/$2 1/3
2014 Best Fest Fried Pickles $3
2015 Fiesta UTSA Fried Pickles $3


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