Students for the Right to Life
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Organizational Information
Founded Unknown
Parent Organization Students for Life of America
Type Advocacy Club
Leadership Information
Elections Group Democratic
Presiding Officer Synthia Perez
Advisor Catherine Nix

Students for the Right to Life, or SRL, is a platform-based, pro-life activism group. Originating as a spin-off of the Catholic Student Association but being open to pro-life students of all religious and nonreligious persuasions, it was called Students for Life in its first incarnation under David Martinez. The group fell dormant after the initial group members were finished with UTSA and was then restarted as Students for the Right to Life under Megan Bray.

SRL Bulletin Board

SRL's bulletin board in the MH galleria



  • President: David Martinez
  • Secretary: Rob Johnson[1]


  • President: Megan Bray
  • Treasurer: Kasandra Quijano
  • Secretary: Daniel Quintero
  • Ministry/Education: Katlin Lewis
  • Membership/Outreach: Synthia Perez


  • President: Synthia Perez
  • Vice President: Kasandra Quijano
  • Treasurer: David Ramos


  • President: Kasandra Quijano
  • Vice President: David Ramos


Event Item Price Quant.
2012 Fiesta UTSA Vuvuzelas
2012 Best Fest Vuvuzelas
2013 Fiesta UTSA Photo Booth Free
2013 Best Fest Frito Pie $1.50


  1. "Students rally in Sombrilla for abortion rights". Paisano Online from 2/22/05. Retrieved December 9, 2011.
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