Student Alumni Association (or SAA) was the student branch of the Alumni Association. No longer in operation, it helped host the Mr. and Ms. UTSA contest, the UTSA Ring Ceremony, and the Where's Rowdy Scavenger Hunt. One of its biggest fundraisers was the Commencement Flower Sale each semester. It brought national attention to San Antonio by hosting the 2006 national Association of Student Advancement Programs (ASAP) Network Convention together with the UTSA Ambassadors. It even once held a raffle where the winner had his or her tuition refunded for that semester.

SAA placed 3rd in the 2007 Window Wars. SAA vice president Andrew Gutierrez and member Kristy Pacheco won Mr. and Ms. UTSA together in 2003. SAA treasurer Johnny Mendez was a Mr. UTSA finalist in 2006. Mr. UTSA 2004 Stephen Cheney joined SAA after winning.


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