The Spring 2010 SGA Election took place on March 9th and 10th on ASAP and featured a turnout of 1,867 voters (6.8% of eligible voters). Amazingly, no voters skipped any of the executive positions. The Right Party won all four of its executive positions by considerable margins.

The unprecedented fact that the same number of people voted for every single executive position suggests that the party approach to campaigning resulted in a significant number of straight-ticket voters.


Candidates in bold were awarded the position.


  • Derek Trimm: 68.4% (1,277 votes) (Right Party)
  • Josh Bart: 30.26% (565 votes)
  • Write-ins: 1.34% (25 votes)
  • Total votes: 1,867

Vice PresidentEdit

  • Nicole Muñoz: 65.77% (1,228 votes) (Right Party)
  • Sergio Maltos: 22.07% (412 votes)
  • Dennis Holloway: 11.14% (208 votes)
  • Write-ins: 1.02% (19 votes)
  • Total votes: 1,867


  • Roger Frigstad: 63.31% (1,182 votes) (Right Party)
  • Chuck Horvilleur: 35.67% (666 votes)
  • Write-ins: 1.02% (19 votes)
  • Total votes: 1,867

Recording SecretaryEdit

  • Xavier Johnson: 65.67% (1,226 votes) (Right Party)
  • Roxanne Weiss: 31.6% (590 votes)
  • Write-ins: 2.73% (51 votes)[1]
  • Total votes: 1,867


  1. "UTSA Student Government Association announces election winners". UTSA Today from March 2010. Retrieved August 21, 2012.
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