The Spring 1981 SRA Election had a record turnout of 1278 votes, almost doubling the previous record holder, the 1977 election, which had 653. It took place on March 4th and 5th and the runoff election was April 1st and 2nd.[1]


Candidates in bold were awarded the position; candidates in italics were put into a run-off election.


  • Antonio De Los Santos: (634 votes)
  • J.D. Metcalf: (363 votes)


  • Antonio De Los Santos:
  • J.D. Metcalf:

Vice PresidentEdit

  • Sandra Nobile


  • R.B. Turboville

Recording SecretaryEdit

  • Jo Ann Ruiz

Corresponding SecretaryEdit

  • Irene Davalos: (101 votes)
  • Mike McCullough: (61 votes)


  • Irene Davalos:
  • Mike McCullough:


  • Christiane Nobile


  • Leslie George:
  • Joe Izbrand:
  • Total votes: 197


  • Leslie George:
  • Joe Izbrand:


Sophomore Representative (3 seats)Edit

  • Suzy Sims
  • David Boucher
  • Raul Scott

Junior Representative (3 seats)Edit

  • Matthew Murguia
  • Chris Webb
  • Toni Toscano

Senior Representative (3 seats)Edit

  • Elizabeth Bostic-Ruben Fernandez
  • Leigh Perry

Graduate Representative (3 seats)Edit


  1. "Students Voice Preference in SRA Elections". Paisano from 3/10/81. Retrieved August 8, 2012.
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