For the magazine, please see Sombrilla (magazine).

The Sombrilla is a covered area of tables and chairs that functions as the cultural hub of the Main Campus. It is attached to the John Peace Library and provides extra seating to serve the JPL Food Court. UTSA's alumni magazine gets its name from the iconic structure[1], which also functions as the central emblem on Balfour's official UTSA Ring[2].

The Sombrilla facilitates many major events on campus such as CAB's Best Fest and Fiesta UTSA. In the past, it has hosted Greek Week's Lip Sync competition, Student Government Association debates, and Golf Cart Parade.

Fountain of LuckEdit

It is rumored that the fountain in Sombrilla can provide good luck. When flowing, if a student is able to touch the top of the fountain during exam week, that student is supposed to make all A's for his or her exams that week. It should be noted, however, that such an act would violate section 202.20 of the Student Code of Conduct[3].

Due to the fact that the fountain uses only potable water rather than recirculating its own water, the Office of Facilities Business Operations must shut it off whenever San Antonio is under any water restrictions, even stage one (when the Edwards Aquifer is fewer than 660 feet above sea level)[4][5].


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