The SGA Graduate Senator Elections took place before the constituencies were redefined in 2001 along college lines rather than classification lines. The rationale for this was that a liberal arts junior and liberal arts senior have more in common with each other than a liberal arts junior and a business junior. In the 2005 Constitutional Convention, positions representing both types of constituencies were allowed to co-exist. Thus, a business junior could run to represent either the College of Business or the Junior Classification.

Upon ratification and implementation of the SGA Constitution in 2006, the old "representatives" based legislative branch was superseded by the current "Senate". While colleges have fluctuating representation based on population figures, each class is permitted three Senate seats, regardless of size. Due to graduate students often being nontraditional college students, the graduate senator races have often been less contested than other races, sometimes having no candidates file.

Student Government Association conducts Senator elections (excepting Freshman Senators) every Spring semester. Votes are open to all UTSA students online through their ASAP accounts. Candidates in bold were awarded the position; candidates in italics were put into a run-off election. As with the 2006 Constitution, Vacancies remaining after the Spring General Election are initially filled in the Fall General Election, and remaining vacancies (or post-election vacancies) are then filled by in-house election.



  • Norma Fuentes: 45.45% (5 votes)
  • Peter Stainken: 27.27% (3 votes)
  • Mike Henry: 9.09% (1 vote)
  • Suzanne Brown: 9.09% (1 vote)
  • John Frgeman: 9.09% (1 vote)[1]
  • Total votes: 11


  • Mike Henry:
  • Suzanne Brown:
  • John Frgeman:
  • Total votes:


  • Mike Perez (write-in): 33.33% (1 vote)
  • Joe Labadie (write-in): 33.33% (1 vote)
  • Greg (write-in): 33.33% (1 vote)[2]
  • Total votes: 3


  • Noel Marshall: 30.43% (7 votes)
  • Francisco Ruiz: 26.09% (6 votes)
  • Nancy Harvat: 26.09% (6 votes)
  • Larry Garza: 17.39% (4 votes)[3]
  • Total votes: 23



  • Andrew Hodges
  • Sridhar Vemparala
  • John Ramirez[4]



  • Rachel Grimes
  • Amirah Saldivar


  • Valerie Broderick: 100% (18 votes)[5]


  • Write-ins: 100% (15 votes)[6]

No plurality was achieved amongst eligible candidates.


Spring 2012Edit

  • Kort Jackson
  • Harrison Pierce

One Seat Remained Vacant.

Fall 2012Edit

One vacancy to fill from Spring 2012 elections

  • Ian Pitman (write-in)


  • Kort Jackson: 31.82% (14 votes)
  • Steven Ordaz: 27.27% (12 votes)
  • Chad Sundol: 22.73% (10 votes)
  • Angie Robinson: 15.91% (7 votes)
  • Write-In: 2.27% (1 vote)
  • Total votes: 44


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