Formerly called "Student Leader of the Month", Roadrunner of the Month is an award given out by the Student Leadership Center. UTSA students are nominated and selected based on "actions that positively impact the UTSA community" and how they "have demonstrated excellence in leadership above and beyond typical expectations."[1] Winners may be nominated "from throughout the community" and must be full-time with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.[1]

Student Leader of the MonthEdit

Student Activities hosted the Student Leader of the Month award, requiring at least a 2.25 GPA, but otherwise with the same criteria.[2]


  • October: Amanda Lopez[3]
  • November: Shannon Neal[4]


  • March: Bria Whitmire[5]
  • August/September: Caitlyn and Candice Griffith, nominated by Patricia Graham, Executive Director of the UTSA Special Events Center[6]
  • October: Mayllyn Luz, nominated by Kelsey Bratcher, UTSA Assistant Director of Risk Education for Alcohol and Drugs[7]
  • November: Christina Mondragon, nominated by Jennifer Lilly, Assistant Director of Volunteer Services[8]


  • December 2007/January: Kelly Gambill, nominated by Charlin Jones, Assistant Director of the Special Events Center and Advisor for Honors Alliance[9]
  • February: Maurisa Woods, nominated by Ann Margaret Trujillo, Associate Director of the Inclusion and Community Engagement Center[10]
  • March: Emi Sei, nominated by Jennifer Lilly and Sheri Amos, Academic Adviser in the Tomás Rivera Center[11]
  • April: Akshay Thusu, nominated by Charlin Jones[12]
  • August/September: Christian Menefee[13]
  • October: Joseph Granado[14]

Roadrunner of the MonthEdit


  • September: Jennifer Preza, nominated by Lisa Alonzo, Director of Orientation and Family Programs[15]
  • October: Leticia Allen, nominated by Jennifer Rames, Assistant Director for Volunteer Services[16]
  • November: Neel Desai, nominated by Krisellen Maloney, Dean of Libraries[17]


  • December 2010/January: Lacy Guaderrama, nominated by John Montoya[18]
  • February: BJ Winston, nominated by Lisa Alonzo[19]
  • March: Dezranique Stansberry, nominated by Jennette Hughes of Financial Services[20]
  • September: Xavier Johnson, nominated by John Montoya[21]
  • October: Justina Williams, nominated by Charlin Jones[22]
  • November: Martha Wright, nominated by Dr. Afamia ElNakat of Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute[23]


  • December 2011/January: Torrie Jackson, nominated by Pesha Mabrie of Housing and Residence Life[24]
  • February: Eliana Briceño, nominated by Jennifer Rames[25]
  • March: Darnell Thomas, nominated by fellow students Victoria Steele, Zack Dunn, and Jerome Scott[26]
  • September: Nathan McDuell, nominated by Cristina Dominguez of volunteer services[27]
  • October: Brian Smith, nominated by Kelsey Bratcher of Student Activities and Corey Benson of ICE[28]
  • November: Nicci Campbell, nominated by fellow student Levine Fontenot[29]


  • December 2012/January: Christian Ume-Ezeoke, nominated by fellow student Monica Abowd[30]
  • February: Charnelle Thompson, nominated by fellow students Tanita Wiley and Justina Williams[31]
  • March: Robert Bennett, nominated by Cassandra Delgado of Orientation and Transition Programs[32]
  • September: Alexandria Deal, nominated by fellow student Christian Ume-Ezeoke[33]
  • October: Kaelie Gonzales, nominated by fellow student Jared Gonzales[34]
  • November: James Comer, nominated by fellow student Raquel Stark[35]


  • February: Leo McAfee Jr., nominated by fellow student Clarissa Johnson[36]
  • March: Michelle Carlton, nominated by fellow student Jordan Cromie[37]
  • October: Molly Ballard, nominated by Ashley Spain-Martinez of Orientation and Family Programs
  • November: Berenice Jaramillo, nominated by Katiuzca Loaiza of Graduate Services.
  • December: Cy Fondal, nominated by Andrew Chadick, assistant director of intramural sports

2015 Edit

  • January: Crystal Alsip, nominated by Maggie Floyd of Supplemental Instruction
  • February: Victor Camino, nominated by fellow student Ileana Gonzalez


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