So what do I do?Edit

It really depends on the type of article. Draw from the example articles section below and even copy the formats and templates if you want. Work on an existing article (from the Main Page, click on "view all pages") or create a new one by clicking the Add Page icon on the top right. Make a page for your organization, intramurals team, housing complex, favorite campus building, the campus event you oversee, the office you work in, or something random like the shuttle routes.

Example articlesEdit

Example university wikisEdit

Community standardsEdit

Wikipedia has long guidelines on the wiki culture and how wikis should run regarding things like ethics, privacy, copyright, libel, and so forth. A good brief summary can be found on the Knox College wiki. Until Rowdypedia itself has an established and posted list of guidelines, this will serve to provide good general practices.

From where do I get information?Edit

When writing an article, don't forget to...Edit

  • Put the first instance in the body of the article name in bold, as this is customary in wikis.
  • Set up any redirect pages that you think might be helpful: acronyms, former names, nicknames, commonly mistaken names, common misspellings, acronyms to former names, commonly mistaken acronyms, etc.
  • Place your article with others of its kind by giving it an appropriate category.
  • Check to see if there's an appropriate infobox for the kind of article you're creating.
  • Try to find the object of your article mentioned in other articles so you can be sure to link those articles to yours.
  • Place article links for anything mentioned in your article that does or should have an article of its own.
  • Place the disclaimer at the bottom just in case anyone doesn't know what a wiki is.