The Paisano is an award-winning, weekly, independent, university-focused newspaper that has been in circulation on campus since 1981. It is a member of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association. The Paisano's presence on campus is through the registered student organization Student Newspaper Association.

Not accepting any student fees, it runs on the ads it sells. It circulates 7,000 copies each Tuesday. It started as a bi-weekly newspaper but has been weekly since Fall 1993.


The Paisano's office is located at 14526 Roadrunner Way, in between The Block and Maverick Creek Homes. This is where the Wednesday planning meetings take place.

Advisory BoardEdit

In addition to having professional writing lecturer Ms. Diane Abdo as its main advisor, the Paisano benefits from having a faculty advisory board. As of Spring 2013, it consisted of the following members:

  • Dr. Jack Himelblau, Spanish Professor
  • Dr. Mansour El-Kikhia, Political Science Department Chair
  • Dr. Steven Kellman, English Professor
  • Dr. Sandy Norman, Mathematics Department Chair
  • Matt Stern

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