The Outstanding Support Staff Award is given out at Student Government Association's annual University Life Awards.



  • Winner: Joyce Jones[1]


  • Winner: Penny Smith[2]


  • Winner: Cindy Gable[3]


  • Winner: Dorothy Abney[4]


  • Winner: Linda Hernandez[5]


  • Winner: Shirley Pipes[6]


  • Winner: Heather Hubbard Pullen?[7]


  • Winner: Eileen Skaggs, Office of Transitional Student Advisement Service[8]


  • Winner: Pauline Janert[9]


  • Winner: Ruth Coates
  • Finalists: B.J. Gola, Mary Smeltzer


  • Winner: Spencer Jones
  • Finalists: Brian Jantz, Velma Garcia


  • Winner: Sara Bordelon, Office of the Registrar
  • Finalists: Bonita De Leon, Tomas Rivera Center
  • Presenter: Krystal Nicholson, SGA FIRE Chief


  • Winner: Ruth Coates
  • Presenter: Charles Miles, SGA Vice President


  • Winner: Esperanza Guadalajara, Campus Recreation
  • Finalist: Ayeza Zafar-Choudhury, Center for Research and Training in Sciences
  • Presenter: Former Associate Dean of Students Dr. John Kaulfus


  • Winner: Sean Burns
  • Finalist: Iselda Rodriguez
  • Presenter: SGA President Zachary Dunn


  • Winner: Iselda Rodriguez
  • Finalists: Sarah Price, Karen Defee
  • Presenters: SGA Vice President Christian Kenney and (?)


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