OLA Board

OLA's bulletin board in the MH from December 2011

The Orientation Leader Association (or OLA) is the RSO that corresponds to the Orientation Leader class for the upcoming summer semester. Prospective orientation leaders enroll in a certain section of EDP or EDL 4953 to learn about UTSA to prepare for their summer tasks.

The OLA has won Best Overall at the 2005 and 2006 Golf Cart Parades and Most Spirit in 2008. It also won 1st and 3rd place in the 2006 and 2008 Window Wars respectively.

Many Mr. and Ms. UTSA finalists have been OLs, including Dustin Kuhn (2001), Dan Chappell (2003), Joseph Granado (2009), Melissa Valdez (2006), and winners Jackie Schelb (2005), BJ Winston (Fall 2011), Carl Willis (2014), and Adrian Guajardo (2015). Mr. UTSA 2004 Stephen Cheney became an OL after winning. Joseph Granado also won Student Leader of the Month for October 2008. The renamed award, Roadrunner of the Month, was won by student coordinator Jenn Preza for September 2010, by BJ Winston for February 2011, by Dezranique Stansberry for March 2011, and by Robert Bennett for March 2013.

Student CoordinatorsEdit

Student coordinators are the students and former orientation leaders who supervise the orientation leaders. Strictly speaking, they are not OLs in that they do not have their own group of students or parents during the orientation sessions.

Supreme Team ChallengeEdit

Since 2005, each year's group of orientation leaders is broken up into teams named after colors. A points system determines the winning team in the "Supreme Team" challenge.

  • 2005: Orange Team
  • 2006: Black Team
  • 2007:
  • 2008: 
  • 2009: Orange Team
  • 2010: Blue Team
  • 2011: Black Team
  • 2012: White Team
  • 2013: Orange Team
  • 2014: Blue Team

Executive BoardEdit


  • President- Gretchen Doegenes
  • Vice President- Joseph Granado
  • Secretary- Jennifer Preza


  • President- Gretchen Doegenes
  • Vice President- Krystal Nicholson
  • Secretary- Victoria Carrilo


  • President- Diana Hernandez
  • Vice President- Jose Cordova
  • Secretary- Venus Mendoza
  • Treasurer- Porscha Presley


  • President: Jose Cordova
  • Vice President: Jenica Santos
  • Secretary- Julian Williams


Event Item Price Quant.
2012 Fiesta UTSA Crazy Cucumbers
2013 Fiesta UTSA Cucumbers $1
2013 Best Fest S'mores $1.50 2
2014 Best Fest Pie in the Face $1
2015 Fiesta UTSA Fruit Punch $2


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