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The mission of Rowdypedia is to be your independent source for the facts and traditions of the University of Texas at San Antonio, by students and alumni and anyone else interested in helping out. While being a tradition in and of itself, its primary goal is to serve as a meta-tradition, making other traditions more permanent and more public and, thus, more meaningful. This should, in turn, make them easier to spread and pass on. Thus, Rowdypedia seeks to simultaneously share what has already been done at UTSA and encourage its future proliferation.

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The Young Democrats at UTSA (often abbreviated to "Young Dems" or "UTSAYD") is the UTSA chapter of the College Democrats of America. UTSAYD operates independently of the Democratic National Committee. History

In October of 2005 the College Democrats debated the CRs about various topics including the War in Iraq, abortion, immigration and affirmative action. In November of that same year the Dems sponsored the open-mic session "No Nonsense in November" for students to speak out against Proposition 2, a voter proposition that intended to define marriage as between one man and one woman. more...

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