The UTSA Main Campus

Main Campus Aerial

Aerial view of UTSA Main Campus c/o Google

The Main Campus is UTSA's largest, oldest and busiest campus.[1] It has 29 buildings on 725 acres of land, with all of the on-campus complexes being located on its grounds.[1] A future Athletics Complex is being planned on 125 acres of the campus' land on Hausman Road.[1]


The Main Campus was born in 1970 when 600 acres were donated. The location at 1604 and I-10 proved so controversially remote that it was colloquially branded "The University of Texas at Boerne". Starting in 1973, during the Main Campus's construction, the university (which was only graduate students at first) had been housed at the Koger Executive Center at Babcock and 410.[2]

The Main Campus finally opened (and UTSA finally opened to undergraduate students) in 1975, with an enrollment of 2200.[2] Known simply as the "UTSA campus" until the Downtown Campus was acquired, the 1604 Campus
Main Campus Aerial2

Close-up of the main academic buildings c/o Google

was renamed the Main Campus in 2009 to reflect the fact that its importance is not adequately described by the road it happens to be on.[3][4]


The mailing address for the campus was changed from 6900 North Loop 1604 West to One UTSA Circle on April 3, 2006.[5]


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