For various reasons, an academic department will change the name of a class. Such changes will be noted in the Undergraduate Catalog with the phrasing, "(Formerly titled 'Introduction to Exceptionality'.)" Such reasons could include:

  • change in scope or curriculum - MUS 3721 being changed from "UTSA Chorus" to "UTSA Men's Chorus"
  • change in popular nomenclature - ART 4833 being renamed from "Practicum in the Visual Arts" to "Internship in the Visual Arts"
  • to avoid confusion with another class - SOC 2023 going from "Drugs in Society" to "Social Context of Drug Use" to avoid confusion with BIO 1033 "Drugs and Society"
  • for cosmetic or semantic reasons - PHI 2123 changing from "Moral Issues in Contemporary America" to "Contemporary Moral Issues"


Below are some course name changes within particular disciplines, with the first catalog that indicates the change listed on the left. These lists exclude courses that changed disciplines as well as ones that underwent a number change.


Catalog Number From To
2010-2012 ACC 4153 Federal Income Taxation II Introduction to Business Entities Taxation
2010-2012 ACC 4963 Experiential Laboratory in Taxation Accounting Practicum


Catalog Number From To
1998-1999 ANT 1013 Human Adaptation Introduction to Anthropology
2010-2012 ANT 3103 Social Organization Kinship and Social Organization
2010-2012 ANT 3223 Cultural Ecology Anthropology and the Environment
2010-2012 ANT 3713 Material Culture Systems Anthropology of Material Culture
2010-2012 ANT 4263 Social and Cultural Change Anthropology of Globalization and Development
2012-2014 ANT 3273 Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica Civilizations of Mexico
2012-2014 ANT 3723 Ancient Complex Society Ancient Civilizations


Catalog Number From To
1994-1996 ARC 1413 Architecture and Society Architecture and Culture
1994-1996 ARC 2223 Construction II Structures I
1994-1996 ARC 3233 Construction III Structures II
1994-1996 ARC 3243 Construction IV Structures III
2008-2010 ARC 1313 Visual Communication Architectural Drawing
2008-2010 ARC 2213 Construction Materials and Concepts Building Technology I
2008-2010 ARC 2223 Structures I Building Technology II
2008-2010 ARC 3233 Structures II Building Technology III
2008-2010 ARC 3343 Environmental Systems I Building Technology IV
2008-2010 ARC 3353 Environmental Systems II Building Technology V
2008-2010 ARC 3433 Architecture and Thought Topics in Architecture and Thought
2008-2010 ARC 4256 Architecture Topics Studio Architectural Research Studio
2010-2012 ARC 3113 Presentation Graphics Advanced Design Visualization
2012-2014 ARC 4123 Community Planning and Urban Design Introduction to Community and Regional Planning and Urban Design


Catalog Number From To
2008-2010 ART 4313 Multimedia Art New Media
2010-2012 ART 1003 Design: Two Dimensional Two Dimensional Foundations
2010-2012 ART 1013 Design: Three Dimensional Three Dimensional Foundations
2010-2012 ART 4233 Drawing: Advanced Drawing III
2012-2014 ART 4533 Photography Photography: Advanced Topics
2012-2014 ART 4833 Practicum in the Visual Arts Internship in the Visual Arts

Art History and CriticismEdit

Catalog Number From To
2012-2014 AHC 3423 Pre-Columbian Art and Architecture of Mesoamerica Arts of Ancient America


Catalog Number From To
2010-2012 AST 4303 The Solar System Solar System Astrophysics


Catalog Number From To
2008-2010 BIO 3013 Introductory Pathology Introduction to Clinical Medicine and Pathology
2008-2010 BIO 3343 Plant Sciences Plant Cell Biology

Civil EngineeringEdit

Catalog Number From To
1996-1998 CE 4643 Air Pollution and Industrial Hygiene Air Quality Engineering


Catalog Number From To
2008-2010 CHE 3804 Physical Chemistry I Thermodynamics and Kinetics
2008-2010 CHE 3824 Physical Chemistry II Quantum Mechanics, Spectroscopy, and Statistical Mechanics


Catalog Number From To
2012-2014 CLA 4973 Seminar for Classics Majors Senior Seminar in Classics

Computer ScienceEdit

Catalog Number From To
2008-2010 CS 1713 Introduction to Computer Science Introduction to Computer Programming II
2008-2010 CS 4713 Compiler Writing Compiler Construction
2010-2012 CS 1173 Computation for Scientists and Engineers Data Analysis and Visualization using MATLAB

Criminal JusticeEdit

Catalog Number From To
2002-2004 CRJ 3563 Juveniles and the Law Juvenile Justice
2008-2010 CRJ 4123 Concepts of Investigations Investigations
2008-2010 CRJ 4303 Victims and the Justice System Victimology
2010-2012 CRJ 4663 Special Topics in Corrections and Juvenile Justice Special Topics in Corrections
2012-2014 CRJ 2513 Corrections: Theory and Practice Introduction to Corrections

Early Childhood EducationEdit

Catalog Number From To
2010-2012 ECE 3603 Language and Cognitive Development in EC-4 Language and Literacy Acquisition


Catalog Number From To
2008-2010 ECO 3193 The International Economy International Economics
2008-2010 ECO 4303 Economic Problems of Developing Countries Economics of Developing Countries
2010-2012 ECO 2003 Introduction to Political Economy Economic Principles and Issues

Electrical EngineeringEdit

Catalog Number From To
2008-2010 EE 4323 Advanced Electrical Engineering Laboratory Dielectric and Optoelectronic Engineering Laboratory
2008-2010 EE 4453 Principles of Bioengineering and Bioinstrumentation Selected Topics in Digital Signal Processing


Catalog Number From To
2008-2010 FIN 3403 Cases in Financial Management Cases in Business Finance
2008-2010 FIN 4903 Internship in Construction Management Building Development Internship
2010-2012 FIN 4903 Building Development Internship Internship in Construction Management


Catalog Number From To
2010-2012 GEO 4803 X-ray Crystallography Analytical Methods in Geology
2012-2014 GEO 3123 Sedimentary Geology Sedimentation and Stratigraphy


Catalog Number From To
2012-2014 HTH 3503 Foundations of Health Theory Theories of Health Behavior


Catalog Number From To
2010-2012 HIS 3113 The American Indian North American Indian Histories
2012-2014 HIS 3603 Africa in Colonial and Post-Colonial Contexts Occupation, Revolution and Nation in Africa
2012-2014 HIS 3613 African Politics, States, and Empires Migration, Society and Culture in Africa
2012-2014 HIS 3943 Modern India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh History of India


Catalog Number From To
2012-2014 HON 3501 Honors Thesis Exploration Seminar Honors Capstone Exploration
2012-2014 HON 4993 Honors Thesis Honors Capstone Project


Catalog Number From To
2012-2014 HUM 4973 Seminar for Humanities Majors Senior Seminar in Humanities

Interior DesignEdit

Catalog Number From To
2012-2014 IDE 4266 Interior Design Systems Studio Systems Integration Studio
2012-2014 IDE 4276 Interior Design Topics Studio Capstone Studio

Interdisciplinary StudiesEdit

Catalog Number From To
2008-2010 IDS 2083 Technology for Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Technology for Learning and Teaching
2012-2014 IDS 3201 Advanced Physical Science Laboratory Inquiry in Physical Science
2012-2014 IDS 3211 Advanced Earth Systems Science Laboratory Inquiry in Earth Systems Science

Information SystemsEdit

Catalog Number From To
2010-2012 IS 3423 Secure Network Design Network Security
2010-2012 IS 4153 Electronic Commerce Web Site Development
2012-2014 IS 2043 Data Structures and File Processing Intermediate Object-Oriented Programming
2012-2014 IS 4483 Cyber Forensics Digital Forensic Analysis I
2012-2014 IS 4513 System Control and Data Acquisition Cyber and Physical Systems


Catalog Number From To
2008-2010 KIN 2421 Outdoor Activities and Lifetime Sports Outdoor Activities and Innovative Games
2008-2010 KIN 3051 Aerobic Fitness Instruction Group Fitness Instruction
2008-2010 KIN 3213 Sport First Aid First Aid and Injury Management
2008-2010 KIN 3313 Anatomic Kinesiology Anatomy and Physiology for Kinesiology
2008-2010 KIN 3443 Fitness Training and Exercise Prescription Graded Exercise Testing and Fitness Assessment
2008-2010 KIN 4213 Sport Law Legal Issues in Kinesiology
2008-2010 KIN 4253 Nutrition for Fitness Exercise Nutrition
2010-2012 KIN 3061 Rhythmical Activities and Dance Foundational Movement


Catalog Number From To
2002-2004 MGT 4613 Compensation Management Compensating Employees
2010-2012 MGT 4803 Strategic Human Resources Management Managing Human Resources for Competitive Advantage

Management of TechnologyEdit

Catalog Number From To
2010-2012 MOT 4023 Management of Technology Essentials of Technology Management


Catalog Number From To
2008-2010 MKT 4013 Marketing Management Strategic Marketing Analysis
2008-2010 MKT 4893 Marketing Strategy Marketing Capstone

Mechanical EngineeringEdit

Catalog Number From To
2002-2004 ME 4183 Propulsion Compressible Flow and Propulsion Systems
2008-2010 ME 3263 Materials Processing Manufacturing Processing
2010-2012 ME 1402 Engineering Graphics Mechanical Engineering Practice and Graphics
2010-2012 ME 3263 Manufacturing Processing Manufacturing Engineering
2012-2014 ME 4963 Bioengineering Mechanical Engineering Applications to Biomedical Systems

Military ScienceEdit

Catalog Number From To
2010-2012 MSC 2012 Self/Team Development Foundations of Leadership
2010-2012 MSC 2022 Individual/Team Military Tactics Foundations of Tactical Leadership
2010-2012 MSC 4013 Leadership Challenges and Goal Setting Adaptive Leadership
2010-2012 MSC 4023 Transition to Lieutenant Leadership in a Complex World


Catalog Number From To
2008-2010 MUS 3313 Microcomputer Applications in Music Digital Music Production
2010-2012 MUS 3613 American Music and Culture Entrepreneurship in Music
2010-2012 MUS 4113 Composition with Contrapuntal Techniques Counterpoint
2012-2014 MUS 2693 The Music of Latin America The Music of Latin America and the Caribbean
2012-2014 MUS 3252 Advanced Studies in Music Literature and Analysis Topics in Music Literature
2012-2014 MUS 3413 Foundations of Music Psychology of Music
2012-2014 MUS 3453 Music Studies I Teaching Music in the Elementary School
2012-2014 MUS 3463 Music Studies II Teaching Vocal and General Music in Grades 6-12
2012-2014 MUS 3701 Madrigal Singers Chamber Singers
2012-2014 MUS 3721 UTSA Chorus UTSA Men's Chorus
2012-2014 MUS 3792 Opera Workshop Lyric Theatre
2012-2014 MUS 4541 Music Pedagogy II Vocal Pedagogy II


Catalog Number From To
2008-2010 PHI 2123 Moral Issues in Contemporary America Contemporary Moral Issues
2012-2014 PHI 3343 Issues and Movements in Twentieth-Century Philosophy Issues and Movements in Contemporary Philosophy


Catalog Number From To
2010-2012 PHY 3143 Computer Visualization of Physics Introduction to Computational Physics
2010-2012 PHY 3313 Solid State Physics Materials Physics

Political ScienceEdit

Catalog Number From To
1994-1996 POL 3243 Political Socialization, Mass Media, and Public Policy Mass Media and Public Opinion
1994-1996 POL 3443 Asian Politics Governments and Politics of East Asia


Catalog Number From To
2008-2010 POL 3443 Psychopathology and Childhood Developmental Psychopathology


Catalog Number From To
2012-2014 RDG 3773 Introduction to Content Area Reading - Secondary Reading and Writing Across the Disciplines - Secondary


Catalog Number From To
2008-2010 SOC 1013 Introduction to the Study of Society Introduction to Sociology
2008-2010 SOC 3163 Marriage and Family Families in Society
2008-2010 SOC 3223 Demographic Techniques Population Dynamics and Demographic Techniques
2008-2010 SOC 3413 Mexican American Family Sociology of the Mexican American Community
2008-2010 SOC 3533 Border and Transnational Relations Migration Dynamics and Transnational Relations
2012-2014 SOC 2023 Drugs in Society Social Context of Drug Use
2012-2014 SOC 3293 Gender Roles Sociology of Gender
2012-2014 SOC 3323 Research Methods in Sociology Introduction to Social Research

Special EducationEdit

Catalog Number From To
2012-2014 SPE 4643 Specialized Instructional Methods for Students with Exceptionalities Instruction for Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities


Catalog Number From To
2006-2008 STA 3313 Introduction to Sample Survey Theory and Methods Experiments and Sampling
2008-2010 STA 1993 Statistical Methods for the Life and the Social Sciences Biostatistics
2008-2010 STA 4133 Statistical Computing Packages Introduction to Programming and Data Management in SAS
2012-2014 STA 1043 Introduction to Statistical Reasoning Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning

Tourism ManagementEdit

Catalog Number From To
2000-2002 TM 3333 Restaurant Management Food and Beverage Management
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