The Jane Findling Award is the award given to those students committed to the excellence of UTSA by their involvement and contributions for the length of one year. It is given out at Student Government Association's annual University Life Awards.



  • Winners: William Cleary, Lori Godfrey[1]


  • Winners: Tom Cane, Carrie Lynn Cass, Ada Lisa Gonzales, Nancy Meza[2]


  • Winners: Thomas Allen, Thomas Brown, Kimberly Doody, Rachel Dupnik, Brian Wheeler[3]


  • Winners: Vanessa Bute, Rob Killen, Manny Longoria, Dana Smith, Taindee Swords [4]


  • Winners: Wesley Anderson, Belinda Cantu, Pamela Ferguson, Erica Sadlon, Briana Whitley[5]


  • Winners: Shane Foley,


  • Winners: Shane Foley, Nancy "Shelli Lyons", Jennifer Redfern, Melissa Unsell, Herman Robinson III[6]


  • Winners: Delma Barrera, Shelli Lyons, Herman Robinson, Amirah Saldivar, Theresa Survillion[7]


  • Winners: Jennifer Villarreal, Christine DeLeon, Lluvia Sanchez, Viresh Thusu, Damon Garcia, Samuel Johnson[8]


  • Winners: Adam Cowdin, Krystal Robinson, Christina Mondragon[9]


  • Winners: Nicole Alabi, Margie DeYoung, Joseph Granado, Maya Gonzalez, Christian Menefee, Akshay Thusu


  • Winners: Jeremy Patton,


  • Winners: Elissa Dougherty, Autumn Lansford, Brian Mannas, Harrison Pierce, Simon Fraser, and Willyam "BJ" Winston


  • Winners: Natalie Watts, Eric Soza, Rene "RJ" Rangel, Diana Cuervo, Tenille Jones, Dominique Moore, Dezranique Stansberry
  • Presenter: Jane Findling-Burton


  • Winners: Nathan McDuell, Brian Smith, Zack Dunn, Hannah Beck, Austin Hagee, Christian Ume-Ezeoke
  • Finalists: Diane Nwokey, Feyi Osifuwa, Jerome Scott, Salina Cram, Malcolm Ramey, Sabrina Macal-Polasek
  • Presenter: Dr. Kevin Price, Dean of Students


  • Winners: Christine Velasquez, Lukas Sehlke, Jade Heverly Campbell, Alex Guajardo, McKenzie Adams, Michael Russo, Sarah Gibbens, Jerome Scott
  • Presenter: Jane Findling-Burton


  • Winners: Ileana Gonzalez. Conor Harvey, Lauren Lopez, Korede Osifuwa, Feezan Jamel, Steven Rodriguez, Tyler Wynne
  • Presenter: Jane Findling-Burton


  • Winners: Ileana Gonzalez, Conor Harvey, Fezaan Jameel, Lauren Lopez, Korede Osifuwa, Steven Rodriguez, Tyler Wynne
  • Presenter: Jane Findling-Burton


  • Winners: Manojna Kintada, Adrian Guajardo, Pavela Bambekova, Jalen McKee, Kimberly Redgate, Isabella Beltri, Jefferson Schilder, Tanique Burke, Kavina Patel
  • Presenter: Dean of Students Kevin Price


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