Intramural sports are administered by Campus Recreation. Champions are crowned in each sport, divided by league of play. In addition to separate men's and women's leagues, most sports have a co-recreational league for teams composed of both men and women.

League ChampionsEdit

Fall SportsEdit


Year Men's Women's Co-Rec
2003Americaz Most WantedLady MuttsCharolastras
2004Americaz Most WantedG-UnitWhy Not Us?
2005Prime Time PlayersTeam NiceCharolastras
2006Shock Da WorldLonestar BallersAmerica's Most Finest
2007DynastyGame TimeCharolastras
2008DynastyLonestar Ballers EliteDA OLs
2009J CrewHBICDA OLs
2010ChaosHBICTeam Beast
2011LegacyTeam Old SchoolOps Elite
2012LegacyThe Blue BellsThe Wetnaps

7 on 7 Flag FootballEdit

Year Men's Women's Co-Rec
2002BMWLady RunnersPower Lifting
2004X-BanditsUmojaAmerica's Most Finest
2005CharolastrasLucky 7Charolastras
2006FIJILucky 7AMF/Charolastras
2007CharolastrasLucky 7Cool Snacks
2009CharolastrasLucky 7Team Beast
2010Team BeastLucky 7Team Beast
2011CharolastrasSwifaWreckin Crew
2012CharolastrasTap That PassThe Untouchables

Indoor SoccerEdit

Year Men's Women's Co-Rec
2002LegionnairesLady KickersLegionnaires
2003Arabian KnightsCharolastras
2005Samraise'sLuis Macias
2006Cartel del NorteTeam Gunther
2007Super CampednesDunder MifflinsGSH
2008Flipmode 2DynamosBarcelona FC
2009International FCSweet TemptationsInternational FC
2010BanditsSwifaInternational FC
2011PanthersBossThe Screamers


Year Men's Women's Co-Rec
2002FIJIThe MuttsScrubbadubs
2004Los Dirty SanchezDa VolleyBallersNice Digs
2005Can't Think of NothingThe PlasticsMatt's Team
2006GiraffesJenn's TeamMatt's Team 2.0
2007Can't Think of NothingSnack PackTigers
2009LionsWe DigTeam # Juan
2010Team Gary ColemanHeartbreakersHeartbreakers
2011Turtle SquadHeartbreakersDeath Spikers

Spring SportsEdit

Outdoor SoccerEdit

Year Men's Women's Co-Rec
2003Arabian KnightsCharolastras
2004Arabian KnightsPhi Mu LionsAndersons Team
2005Samraise'sLos CacahuetesCharolastras
2007Torres TerrorsLady Bugs
2008AJun's TeamBarcelona FC
2009VipersVelocityEl International
2010ChaosSwifaGoias FC
2011FTPSwifaThe Ambassadors
2012PanthersHot ShotsRed Devils


Year Men's Women's Co-Rec
2003The Best Darn TeamThe Best Darn Team
2004Kappa SigmaFBICharolastras
2005The Best Darn TeamNo PressureThe Best Darn Team
2007H-Town BoysFBIHSA Bonecrushers
2009Master B'sBlue B'sRampage
2010Tall BoysGirl With Hard HitsRampage
2011Tall BoysTeam Old SchoolMedina's Monsters
2012Clutch CityGamma Phi BetaRampage


Each sport has multiple leagues.  Next to each champion team, you'll see the league that they won. 

Fall 2010Edit

  • Flag Football: Team Beast (Men's A), Courtesy Flush (Men's B), Alpha Sigma Alpha (Sorority)
  • Basketball: Team Beast (Men's A Tournament), Dirty Dogs (Men's B), OPS Elite (Co-Rec Tournament), SWIFA (Women's Tournament)
  • Volleyball: Death Spikers (Co-Rec), Heartbreakers (Women's), Zeta Tau Alpha (Sorority), Team Gary Coleman (Men's A), Very Aggressive Gentlemen (Men's B), Lambda Chi Alpha (Fraternity)
  • Kickball: Suck My Kick (Co-Rec), Pi Kappa Phi (Fraternity), Jabronis (Men's A), Raw Dawgers (Men's B)
  • Indoor Soccer: Bandits (Men's A), ISTAN-BULL (Men's B), SWIFA (Women's), International FC (Co-Rec), Sigma Phi Epsilon (Fraternity)
  • Floor Hockey: HSA Bonecrushers (Men's), Sigma Phi Epsilon (Fraternity), Dat Team (Co-Rec)
  • Table Tennis: Stephanie Witlock (Women's), Johny Trevino (Men's)
  • Badminton: Kari Hazard (Women's)
  • Tennis: Flip Cyde (Men's Doubles), Cyde Mode (Mixed Doubles)[1]

Spring 2011Edit

  • Basketball: Ops Elite (Co-Rec), Sigma Phi Epsilon (Fraternity), CMF (Men's A), Oh In My White Tee (Men's B)
  • Dodgeball: Rippin and the Tearin (Co-Rec), Brosotros (Men's A), Very Aggressive Gentlemen (Men's B)
  • Soccer: The Big Green (Men's B), The Ambassadors (Co-Rec), FTP (Men's A), SWIFA (Women's)
  • Table Tennis: BJMAC (Doubles), Kevin Wong (Men's)
  • Flag Football (4 on 4): Fantastic Four (Co-Rec), Sigma Phi Epsilon Raiders (Fraternity), Laurel Village (Housing), Charolastras (Men's A), Team G (Men's B), SWIFA (Women's)
  • Innertube Water Polo: Cool Blue (Co-Rec), The Shockers (Men's)
  • Softball: Medina's Monsters (Co-Rec), Lambda Chi Alpha (Fraternity), Tall Boys (Men's A), Very Aggressive Gentlemen (Men's B), Team Old School (Women's)
  • Ultimate Frisbee: Sparkle Motion (Men's)[2]

Fall 2011Edit

  • Basketball (3 on 3): The Squad (Men's), JNV (Women's)
  • Flag Football: Wreckin' Crew (Co-Rec), Kappa Sigma (Fraternity), Charolastras (Men's)
  • Kickball: We Kick Balls (Co-Rec), Tall Boys (Men's)
  • Soccer: The Screamers (Co-Rec), Panthers (Men's B), The Alliance (Men's A), Boss (Women's)
  • Badminton: Shawn Sim
  • Inner Tube Water Polo: UTSA Thunder (Men's)
  • Tennis: Chayutra Pailom[3]

Spring 2012Edit

  • Basketball (3 on 3): Legacy (Men's A), #EverybodyEatsB (Men's B), The Blue Bells (Women's)
  • Dodgeball: Ball Busters (Men's), Kappa Sigma (Fraternity), Cydemode 1 (Co-Rec)
  • Ultimate Frisbee: Grab My Disc
  • Table Tennis: Physics2 (Mixed Doubles)
  • Soccer: Pi Kappa Phi (Fraternity and Recreational)
  • Softball: Good Wood (Men's A), Clutch City (Men's B), Kappa Sigma (Fraternity)
  • Flag Football (4 on 4): Charolastras (Men's A), Top Flyte (Men's B), PT Elite (Co-Rec)
  • Badminton: Jason Owsley & Thomas Do (Men's Doubles), Melissa Sanchez & Courtney Amelia Cordaway (Women's Doubles), Jason Owsley & Crystal Lauren Cheung (Co-Rec Doubles)
  • Racquetball: Miguel Barreda & Adolfo Espinola (Men's Doubles), FlipFam1 (Co-Rec Doubles)[4]

Fall 2012Edit

  • Pick'Em Overall Winner: Gavin Leith
  • Women's Tennis: Shannon Phan
  • Sportsmanship Team: iMBA (Football), iPed (Indoor Soccer)
  • Basketball (3 on 3): We Thursty Dee (Men's), VIP (Women's)
  • Flag Football: Charolastras (Men's A), Forget Yo Squad (Men's B), Swamp Donkeys (Men's C), Shockers (Men's D), Charolastras (Men's Overall), The Untouchables (Co-Rec), Tap That Pass (Women's), Tau Kappa Epsilon (Fraternity)
  • Indoor Soccer: Panthers (Men's A), Velociraptors (Men's C), Clownbabies (Men's D)
  • Table Tennis: Dr. Ichishiro Konno
  • Badminton: Thomas Michael[5]


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