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The Intercollegiate Athlete of the Year Award is given out to one man and one woman at Student Government Association's annual University Life Awards. 1994's Brian Wilson was the first ever UTSA baseball player to be drafted into MLB (Cincinnati Reds).[1]



  • Male: Ken Jones
  • Female: Margaret Marinovich, basketball[2]


  • Male: Scott McKoin
  • Female: Margaret Martinovich, basketball[3]


  • Male: Ole Gran, discus throw
  • Female: Starlite Williams, basketball[4]


  • Male: Frank Hampton, basketball
  • Female: Jody Dunston, track and field/cross country[5]


Female: Jody Dunston, Track and Field/Cross Country


  • Male: Paul Perrone
  • Female: Tisha Boldt, basketball[6]


  • Male: Eddie Castillo
  • Female: Leslie Dodson, volleyball[7]



  • Male: Ed Burton, baseball
  • Female: Kristy Blake[9]


  • Male: Leonard Byrd, track and field (400m)
  • Female: Tameka Roberts, track and field/basketball[10]


  • Male: Brette Parrish
  • Female: Tamara Luckemeyer[11]


  • Winner: Michelle McEllyea[12]


  • Male: Brandon Buteaux, track and field (pole vault)
  • Female: Jessica Rogers, softball[13]



  • Male: Devin Gibson, basketball
  • Female: Kendra Rowland, volleyball


  • Male: Eric Soza, Football (Quarterback)
  • Female: Katie Bragg, Track and Field team captain (hammer throw)
  • Presenter: Brad Parrott, Senior Associate Director of Athletics


  • Male: Andrew Akens, Track and Field shot put
  • Female: McKenzie Adams, Volleyball
  • Presenter: none (award was skipped)


  • Male: John Bormann, Baseball
  • Female: Megan Low, Softball
  • Presenter: Deputy Athletic Director Jim Sarra


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