Traditions by Casey Johnson

"Traditions" by Casey Johnson won first place in the 2010 contest. It currently hangs in the University Center.

Each year UTSA's Homecoming is promoted by an official Homecoming poster with original artwork. Ever since 2006, the poster has been chosen from original paintings submitted by students. The Homecoming Art Contest is sponsored by the Student Homecoming Committee.


  • 1st Place: Cecilia Paz Mujica
  • Finalists: Thomas Rittenouse, Erica Sanchez, Aurora Vasquez, and Reggie Yamanaka[1]


  • 1st Place: Erica Sanchez
  • 2nd Place: Ryan Bridges
  • 3rd Place: Veronica Markland[2]


  • 1st Place: Jannette Monteith
  • 2nd Place: David Taylor
  • 3rd Place: Kristopher Garcia[3]


  • 1st Place: Jesse Buchoz
  • 2nd Place: Matt De Leon
  • 3rd Place: Shannon Kenworthy[4]


  • 1st Place: Casey Johnson "Traditions"
  • 2nd Place: Ann-Margaret Gonzalez "40 Years of Tradition, Spirit, Pride"
  • 3rd Place: Christian Villarreal "UTSA Rising"[5]


  • 1st Place: Rachel Paver
  • 2nd Place: Justin Constantino
  • 3rd Place: Pallas Aidinian[6]


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