Homecoming 2014 consisted of various spirit events that took place from Sunday, October 5th to Saturday, October 11th, culminating in the football game against Florida International University. For the second straight year, it merged Best Fest with the Golf Cart Parade and Rowdy Rampage. The theme was "Turn the Pages."[1]


Day Date Time Campus Location Event[1]
Sun Oct 5 1p 1604 Convo Volleyball vs. UTEP
Sun Oct 5 1p Park West Soccer Stadium Soccer vs. UNT
Sun Oct 5 1p N/A SA Food Bank Roadrunners Give Back
Mon Oct 6 Noon DT FS Commons Rowdytouille
Tue Oct 7 6-8p 1604 UC Paseo National Night Out
Tue Oct 7 8p 1604 Convo Roadrunners Live
Wed Oct 8 8p 1604 HUC Ballroom Comedy Night
Thu Oct 9 8p 1604 UC Lawn Golf Cart Decorating Party
Fri Oct 10 1:30p N/A Quarry Golf Club Homecoming Golf Tournament
Fri Oct 10 3p 1604 UC Paseo Rowdy Rally
Fri Oct 10 4:30-10:30p 1604 Convo Parking Lot Best Fest
Fri Oct 10 7p 1604 Convo Parking Lot Golf Cart Parade
Fri Oct 10 10p 1604 Convo Parking Lot Rowdy Rampage
Sat Oct 11 3:30p N/A Sunset Station Spirit Walk
Sat Oct 11 6p N/A Alamodome Football vs. FIU

Homecoming CourtEdit

Mr. UTSA finalists for 2014 were Johnny Paz, Jerome Scott, and Carl Willis. The Ms. UTSA finalists were Ileana Gonzalez, Shanice Mzava, and Korede Osifuwa. Carl Willis and Ileana Gonzalez won.


For the first time since fundraising became part of the Mr. and Ms. UTSA competition, amounts were public before the contest concluded. Each candidate had a campaign posted on Launch UTSA.

  • Johnny Paz: $646
  • Jerome Scott: $1,638
  • Carl Willis: $1,700
  • Ileana Gonzalez: $2,800
  • Shanice Mzava: $1,583
  • Korede Osifuwa: $2,955[2]


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