The Golden Feather Award is given out at Student Government Association's annual University Life Awards.



  • Winners: Lionel Cantu, Kim McIntrye, Warren Miller, Carol Miller, Nolan Pike[1]


  • Winners: Anthony F. Coulston, Lisa L. Crenshaw, Robert Kevin New, Diana N. Nichol, Nicole Y. Wicha, Matha Yassi[2]


  • Winners: Lisa Crenshaw, Gabriel Cruz, Dina Ann Estrada, Rosa Mina, Matt Stern[3]


  • Winners: Tom Brown, Robin Collins, Michael DeLeon, Kristi Hall, James Wenzel[4]


  • Winners: Catherine Boyle, Vanessa Bute, Thuy Dinh, Erica Sadlon, Slew Sun Tai[5]


  • Winners: Thelma Cavazos, Thomas Cisneros, Gabriel Faz, Charlin Jones, Jennifer Redfern[6]


  • Winners: Krista Hartman, Rachael Headrick, Shelli Lyons, Kristy Pacheco, Andraya Young[7]


  • Winners: Ashlesh Murthy, Damon Garcia, Cody Coeckelenbergh, Ross Langham, Rachel Snell, Kimberly Belongia[8]


  • Winners: Rohan Goswami, Adam Cowdin, Robert Garcia, Jasmine Saunders[9]


  • Winners: Henry Barrera, Jessica Beemer, Mark Este, Caitlyn Griffith, Candice Griffith, Dan Iza, Tommy Thompson
  • Presenter: Dr. Gage Paine, Vice President of Student Affairs


  • Winners: Andrea Delgado, Christina Gomez, Allison Guettner, Tomi Yamamoto
  • Finalists: José David Mireles, Wlliam Franz Jr.


  • Winners: Derek Trimm, Jennifer Preza, Leticia Allen, Megan Graham, Lacy Guaderrama


  • Winners: Elissa Dougherty, Xavier Johnson, Brian Mannas, Harrison Pierce, Charles Miles, Kiara Gradney, Krystal Nicholson
  • Presenter: Dr. Gage Paine, Vice President of Student Affairs


  • Winners: Bryan Barahona, Nate Leonard, Diana Cuervo, Torrie Jackson, Eric Soza, Alana Urbano, Justina Williams
  • Finalists: Jackie Matranga, Brian Smith, Darnell Thomas, Darryl Wyrick, Quinton Garcia, Oluwaseun Rita Adeyinka
  • Presenter: Sam Gonzales, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs


  • Winners: Andie Watson, Darryl Wyrick, Rebecca Smith, Hannah Beck, Christian Ume-Ezeoke, Zack Dunn
  • Presenter: UTSA Vice President of Student Affairs Sam Gonzales


  • Winners: Julie Diaz, Courtney Hunter, Edward Miranda, Ediri Nesiama, Jenica Santos, Jerome Scott, Christine Velasquez, Dempsey Thornton, John Wynkoop
  • Presenter: Vice President of Student Affairs Sam Gonzales


  • Winner: Ghada Ghannam, Matthew Treviño, Ileana Gonzalez, Chirag Buch, Jaswanth Kintada, Vinh-Son Nguyen, Jocelyn Carnicle, Keerthana Pakanati, Torre Johnson
  • Presenter: Vice President of Student Affairs Sam Gonzales


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