Ford Road, formerly O'Neil Ford Road[1] and one of the original roads on campus,[2] is a short east-west road at the Main Campus that starts at Ximenes Avenue and ends at Bauerle Road, serving as the end point to the South Paseo. It borders no buildings but provides access to three parking lots: the Ximenes Avenue Lot, the Ford Road Lot, and Bauerle Road Lot 1.[3]


O'Neil Ford was a famous local architect who founded Ford, Powell & Carson architecture firm.[4] Through his firm, he designed the first permanent (and current) "Skyline" campus of Trinity University[5] after its move from Waxahachie, TX[6] and the Tower of the Americas.[7] More importantly to UTSA and probably more relevant to his having a road named after him on campus, he designed the Main Campus itself.[4]


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