Fiesta UTSA '89 Poster

A poster for Fiesta UTSA 1989 which currently hangs in the UC Hawthorne Room

Pronounced "Fee-ess-tah ooht-sah", Fiesta UTSA is one of two annual festival events sponsored by Campus Activities Board, with Best Fest being its Fall semester counterpart. Organizations can raise funds with booths for selling food or activities. Usually live music will accompany the festival and a procession of the San Antonio Fiesta Court will also be featured. The festival is an official event on the city-wide Fiesta calendar. As with Best Fest, the organization that the judges deem to have decorated their booth the best will have first choice on what product or service to sell at the following festival event (in this case, the following year's Best Fest).

The event was initially sponsored and run by the Student Representative Assembly but was deferred to the University Center Program Council on April 6, 1988.[1]

Fiesta CourtEdit


  • Miss Fiesta: Haley Bergman or Jessica Ramirez


  • Miss Fiesta: Virginia Eliott
  • First Princess: Jillian Allovio
  • Second Princess: Daphne Villarreal[2]


  • Miss Fiesta: Lauren Holt
  • First Princess: Krystal Diaz
  • Second Princes: Samantha Vasquez[2]


  • Miss Fiesta: Marie Rivera
  • First Princess: Miranda Rivera
  • Second Princes: Selina Affram[2]


  • Miss Fiesta: Victoria Flores[3]

Past EventsEdit

No. Date Location Theme Music
10 April 15, 1988 Noon to 5pm Central Plaza Join the Party The Secret
11 April 14, 1989 Central Plaza Flamingo Fandango
Friday, April 15, 1994 Noon-5pm Sombrilla Fiesta Con Sabor State of Mind, Los Padrez
April, 1995 Baile Conmigo
Friday, April 21, 2006 11am-3pm Sombrilla Roadrunners Around the World
35 Friday, April 20, 2012 11am to 3pm Sombrilla
36 Friday, April 19, 2013 11am-3pm Sombrilla Xperimento

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