2010 - Family of the Year

President and Dr. Romo awarding the Macleods, the 2010 recipients

The Orientation and Transition Services Office started the Family of the Year essay contest in 2005 and has been its sponsor ever since. A winner is announced at halftime of the Homecoming game, alongside the Mr. and Ms. UTSA contest announcement.

The essay honors the writer's family or another family which has supported him or her in his or her time at UTSA and has shown considerable school spirit for UTSA. The winning student/family combo receives several prizes including an L & M Bookstore certificate, a commemorative plaque from the UTSA Parent Council, UTSA merchandise, and having their essay featured in the university's family calendar.[1]



  • 1st Place: Janel Callan, nominating the Callan family[2]


  • 1st Place: Regina Sloan, nominating the Sloan family[2]


  • 1st Place: Caitlyn, Candace, and Justin Griffith, nominating the Griffith family[2]


  • 1st Place: Kyle Roberts, nominating the B.A.C.K. family from San Antonio
  • 2nd Place: Dominique Jefferson, nominating the Jefferson family from Austin
  • 3rd Place: John Garza, nominating the Garza family from San Antonio


  • 1st Place: Kendra Rowland, nominating the Rowland family[2]


  • 1st Place: Karen Macleod, nominating the Macleod family[2]


  • 1st Place: Marquie Krpec, nominating the Krpec family[2]


  • 1st Place: Justina Williams, nominating the Williams family[4]


  • 1st Place: Rebecca Smith, nominating the Smith family[5]


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