The Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award is given out to one tenure-track and one non-tenure-track faculty member at Student Government Association's annual University Life Awards.



  • Winner: Linda Poetschke[1]


  • Winner: Pamela Ferguson[2]


  • Winners: Luis Haro, Daniel Kaderli[3]


  • Winner: Felix Almaraz, Department of History[4]


  • Tenure-Track: Josephine Mendez-Negrete, Department of Bilingual-Bicultural Studies
  • Non-Tenure-Track: Rosalie Noyes[5]


  • Tenure-Track: Sandy Norman, Department of Mathematics
  • Non-Tenure-Track: Nancy Klepper, Department of Biology[6]


  • Winners: Lillian L. Cano, Malgorzata Oleszkiewicz-Peralba


  • Tenure-Track: Bruce Barnett, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and Donovan Fogt, Department of Health and Kinesiology (tie)
  • Non-Tenure-Track: Andrea Cordaway


  • Tenure-Track: Ann Eisenberg, Department of Psychology and Associate Dean of the Honors College
  • Non-Tenure-Track: John Shields, Department of Management
  • Presenter:


  • Tenure-Track: Joycelyn Moody, Department of English and Director of AALCI
  • Non-Tenure-Track: Rafael Lopez-Mobilia, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Presenter:


  • Tenure-Track: Matthew Gdovin, Department of Biology
  • Non-Tenure-Track: Susan Dalterio, Department of Biology
  • Presenters: SGA VP-elect Christian Kenney and another SGA member


  • Winner: Associate Professor of Management Robert Lengel (Tenure-track)
  • Presenters: SGA Senators Conor Harvey and Larla Halsey


  • Winner: Dr. Zaid Haddad
  • Presenters: SGA ULA Co-director Sidney Montero and President-elect Andrew Hubbard


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