The Department of History is led by Dr. Gregg Michel and is located at MH 4.04.06.[1] As of the publishing of the 2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog, the faculty includes 8 full professors (including President Ricardo Romo), 9 associate professors, 4 assistant professors, 4 senior lecturers, and 1 lecturer III.[2]

At the undergraduate level, it offers majors and minors in American Studies and in History, with the major in History having an optional Social Studies concentration.[3] At the graduate level, it offers only an MA in History, with the requirements being a 3.2 in your undergraduate history work and a 3.2 in your last undergraduate 60 credit hours.[4]

The department's only scholarship is the Dwight F. Henderson Endowed Scholarship in History. It requires the student to be a history major (graduate or undergraduate), have a 3.0 GPA, and submit a biographical letter and a faculty letter of recommendation.[5]

The department began in 2001. Before that, its programs were housed in the Division of Behavioral and Cultural Sciences with Anthropology and Psychology.


  • BA in History: 1975-present
  • BA in American Studies: 1978-present
  • Social Studies concentration in History: 2006-present
  • Minor in History: 1994-present
  • Minor in American Studies: 1994-present
  • Minor in Women's Studies (now in COEHD): 1994-2010
  • MA in History: 1975-present


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