Demonstration Kitchen (or Demo Kitchen) is a program hosted by Campus Recreation that intends to help students and faculty and staff who have Rec Center memberships. It is located in the Rec Center kitchen and demonstrates recipes and techniques in person that the students can then taste for themselves. How to recreate the dish and aspects of its nutritional content are covered, typically by a certified chef and/or dietician. It typically seats around 20 and is done on a primarily RSVP basis. A distinction is usually made between Level I dishes and Level II dishes, with the former requiring a maximum of 8 ingredients and 30 minutes of preparation and the latter requiring a maximum of 12 ingredients and 40 minutes of preparation.[1]


The following is an incomplete list of Demo Kitchen events.

Date Dish Time Type
10/4/07 Heart Healthy Stew
10/17/07 Low Fat Quesadillas
11/1/07 Pizza Pasta with Italian Salad
11/14/07 Healthy Thanksgiving Leftovers
2/27/08 Chicken Pesto Pasta
3/26/08 Fiesta Lime Grilled Chicken Breasts
6/24/08 Whole Wheat Pancakes
10/8/09[2] Crispy Fish Fingers
1/15/10 Lemon Tilapia 6:30pm
2/9/10 Cheesecake Dainties 6:30pm
2/22/10 Chicken Rotini Salad 6:30pm
3/2/10 Salmon with Tomato Basil Salsa 6:30pm
3/8/10 Three Cheese Veggie Quiche 6:30pm
3/22/10 Spiced Peach Packets with Frozen Yogurt 6:30pm
4/6/10 Chipotle Chicken Salad 6:30pm
4/12/10 Vegetable Sushi 6:30pm
4/19/10[3] Jerky Turkey Burgers with Papaya Salsa 6:30pm
6/22/10 Baked Artichoke Dip and Hummus 6:00pm
7/20/10 Greek Style Pizza 6:00pm
8/9/10[4] Chocolate Butterscotch Trifle 6:00pm
11/30/10[5] Chicken Pot Pie with Phyllo 6:00pm
4/6/11 Turkey and Zucchini Burgers
7/18/11 Grilled Pork and Cheese Quesadillas 6:00pm
8/10/11[6] Curried Chicken and Granny Smith apple Salad 6:00pm
8/30/11 Light Tilapia Tacos 12:00pm Lv 2
9/12/11 Arroz con Pollo 6:00pm Lv 2
9/14/11 "Before and After" Workout Nutrition 5:30pm Workshop
9/20/11 French Toast with Fruit Topping and Baby Quiche 8:30am Lv 1
9/28/11 Sharpen Your Knife Skills 5:30pm Workshop
10/5/11 Rigatoni with Grilled Vegetable Sauce 6:00pm Lv 1
10/25/11 Buffalo Chicken Pita 12:00pm Lv 1
10/27/11 "Kitchen Basics" Cooking 101 5:30pm Workshop
11/7/11 Greek Feta Chicken with Veggie Kabobs 6:00pm Lv 2
11/9/11 Master the Five Mother Sauces 5:30pm Lv 1
11/13/11 Baked Macaroni and Cheese
11/15/11 Italian Sausage and White Bean Stew 6:00pm Workshop
9/5/12 Grilled Fish Tacos 5:30pm
9/20/12 Turkey-Cranberry Burgers 5:30pm
10/3/12 Veggie Quesadilla Pockets 5:30pm
10/18/12 Thai-style Chicken Pizza 5:30pm
11/7/12 Sesame Orange Beef and Rice 5:30pm
11/15/12[1] Southwest Chicken Skillet 5:30pm

Other DishesEdit

The following dishes have also been served at some point in the Demo Kitchen.[7]


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