The December 1991 Commencement ceremony was UTSA's official commencement ceremony celebrating graduates of the Summer 1991 and Fall 1991 semesters. It was likely the first December commencement to have two ceremonies. The first was at 10:00 a.m. and the second at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 14 in the Convocation Center. Dr. Patricia A. Graham, UTSA Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, was chair of the Committee on Graduation Ceremonies.

Though the ceremonies were not explicitly labeled as being for specific colleges, the scheduling of the receptions would suggest the first ceremony was for the College of Sciences and Engineering and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and that the second ceremony was for the College of Business and College of Fine Arts and Humanities.


The schedule was the exact same for both ceremonies.

Part of Ceremony Notes
Processional "Pomp and Circumstance No. 2" by Edward Elgar, performed by UTSA Brass Ensemble
Master of Ceremonies William G. Mitchell, Associate Professor, College of Business
National Anthem Star Spangled Banner, performed by Jane Kuehne, Soprano
Greetings Samuel A. Kirkpatrick, President, UTSA
UTSA Brass Ensemble Piece for Brass by UTSA professor James S. Balentine
Commencement Address The Honorable Robert Krueger, Texas Railroad Commissioner
Conferring of Degrees Samuel A. Kirkpatrick
Welcome from Alumni Association Ernest W. Bromley, President, UTSA Alumni Association
Alma Mater Hail UTSA, performed by Jane Kuehne
Recessional Allegro from Water Music by George Frideric Handel[1]


College of BusinessEdit

  • Amy E. Dunbar, Division of Accounting and Information Systems
  • Dennis E. Drinka, Division of Management and Marketing
  • Rodolpho Sandoval, Division of Economics and Finance
  • Stephen E. Werling, Division of Management and Marketing

College of Fine Arts and HumanitiesEdit

  • Ricardo F. Benavides, Division of Foreign Languages
  • Ronald C. Binks, Division of Art and Architecture
  • David E. Sebald, Division of Music
  • Saranindra N. Tagore, Division of English, Classics, and Philosophy

College of Sciences and EngineeringEdit

  • John W. Adams, Division of Earth and Physical Sciences
  • Manuel P. Berriozabal, Division of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics
  • M. Neal Guentzel, Division of Life Sciences
  • Parimal A. Patel, Division of Engineering

College of Social and Behavioral SciencesEdit

  • Ellen R. Clark, Division of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies
  • Dorothy A. Flannagan, Division of Behavioral and Cultural Sciences
  • David S. Katims, Division of Education
  • Avelardo Valdez, Division of Social and Policy Sciences[1]

UTSA Brass EnsembleEdit

The UTSA Brass Ensemble was conducted by Robert J. Rustowicz.

  • Dan Cook, Trumpet
  • Victor Aguilar, Trumpet
  • David Martinez, Trumpet
  • Kevin Jordan, Trumpet
  • Edward McNames, Trumpet
  • John Rauschuber, French Horn
  • Ed Gonzales, French Horn
  • Rachel Brynteson, French Horn
  • Janice Cantu, French Horn
  • Richard Naujoks, Trombone
  • Ben Peterson, Trombone
  • Ron Wilkins, Trombone
  • David Contreras, Euphonium
  • Lenora Newsom, Euphonium
  • Jonathan Campbell, Tuba
  • Robert Lopez, Tuba
  • Abel Ramirez, Timpani[1]


Each college held a reception for its graduates.

College Time Location
College of Sciences and Engineering After first ceremony Science Building Galeria
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences After first ceremony Humanities-Business Building Galeria
College of Business After second ceremony Humanities-Business Building Galeria
College of Fine Arts and Humanities After second ceremony Arts Building Galeria[1]


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