The College of Sciences Outstanding Student Award is currently given out to one undergraduate and one graduate student at Student Government Association's annual University Life Awards.


As College of Sciences and EngineeringEdit


  • Winner: Leoncio Antonio Garza[1]


  • Winner: Robert Castaneda[2]

As College of SciencesEdit


  • Winner: Robert DiGiovanni[3]


  • Winner: Crystal Flores[4]


  • Winner: Kimberly Belongia[5]


  • Undergraduate: Olabisi Sanusi
  • Graduate: Christopher Pierce[6]


  • Undergraduate: Carina Dudas
  • Graduate: Conor Mullens


  • Undergraduate: Timothy Shank
  • Graduate: Jessica Felhofer


  • Undergraduate: Ryan Gilley
  • Finalists: Albert Mondragon, Kim Dang
  • Graduate: Eileen Taylor
  • Presenter:


  • Undergraduate: Monica Petluru
  • Finalists: Valeria Lomeli, Braxton Jamison
  • Graduate: Jossina Gonzalez
  • Presenter:


  • Undergraduate: Akhilesh Mantripragada
  • Finalists: Shelby McCowen, Margarita Akopian
  • Graduate: Anthony Escalante
  • Finalist: Chad Sundol
  • Presenter:


  • Undergraduate: Hai Le
  • Finalists: Stephen Evans, Amanda Graham
  • Graduate: Daniel Meininger
  • Finalist: Carolina Duran, Andrew Mendiola
  • Presenter:


  • Undergraduate: Chirag Buch
  • Finalists: Charles Hammack, Akhil Padarti
  • Graduate: Jesus Romo
  • Finalist: Tristan Cofer
  • Presenter: Dr. Jose Lopez-Ribot


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