The College of Public Policy Outstanding Student Award is currently given out to one undergraduate and one graduate student at Student Government Association's annual University Life Awards.



  • Winner: Mahaparu "Rick" Eanes[1]


  • Winner: Leah Schier[2]


  • Undergraduate: Crystal Villarreal[3]


  • Undergraduate: Michael P. Logan
  • Graduate: Angelica Nanez


  • Undergraduate: Carlos Davenport
  • Finalist: Chelsey Ochoa
  • Graduate: Sara Sebastian
  • Finalist: Katherine Narvarte


  • Undergraduate: DeJaneiro Antoine Jackson
  • Graduate: Layla McKinnon
  • Finalists: Susanne Schmidt, Ryan Evans
  • Presenter: Associate Dean Francine Sanders Romero


  • Undergraduate: Sabrina Macal-Polasek
  • Graduate: Jeannie Hahl
  • Presenter: Associate Dean Francine Sanders Romero


  • Undergraduate: Hilliard Drew Galloway
  • Graduate: Nicole A. Bell
  • Presenter: Associate Dean Francine Sanders Romero


  • Undergraduate: Heather Riddle
  • Finalists: Miranda Hayduk, Catherine Rose Barton
  • Graduate: Matthew Martinez
  • Finalists: Bryce Boddie, James Kelsay
  • Presenter: Associate Dean Francine Romero


  • Undergraduate: Amado Montoya
  • Finalists: Maria Giovanna Valverde, Marcos Mendoza
  • Graduate: Jesus Treviño
  • Finalists: Daniel Large, Sophia Worth
  • Presenter: Associate Dean Robert Tillyer


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