The College of Liberal and Fine Arts Outstanding Student Award is currently given out to one undergraduate and one graduate student at Student Government Association's annual University Life Awards.


As College of Fine Arts and HumanitiesEdit


  • Winner: Dolores Diaz[1]


  • Winner: Mary Bowen[2]


  • Winner: Karen L. Camp[3]


  • Winner: John Anderson, Jr.[4]

As College of Liberal and Fine ArtsEdit


  • Winner: Dina Miller[5]


  • Winner: Danette Salas[6]


  • Winner: Melanie Neely[7]


  • Undergraduate: Angela White
  • Graduate: James Ordner[8]


  • Undergraduate: Jocelyn Campos
  • Finalists: Jeremy Faulk, Rachel Finn
  • Graduate: Larissa Mercado
  • Finalist: Beatriz Perez


  • Undergraduate: Jonathan Nomamiukor
  • Graduate: Jason Treviño[9]


  • Undergraduate: Regi Cantu
  • Finalists: Rob Pohl, Jessica Garza
  • Graduate: Victor Kopic
  • Finalist: Dianna Lopez


  • Undergraduate: Elissa Dougherty
  • Finalists: Aida Ghazvini, Autumn Lansford
  • Graduate: Niyaz Barzani
  • Presenter: Associate Dean Christopher Wickham


  • Undergraduate: Jennifer Kennedy
  • Finalists: Sarah Allred, Itza Carbajal
  • Graduate: Gabriella Boschi Scott
  • Finalists: William Robertson, Michael Gardin
  • Presenter: Associate Dean Christopher Wickham


  • Undergraduate: Hannah Beck
  • Finalists: Ariana Treviño, Alex Guajardo
  • Graduate: Willie Hale
  • Presenter: Associate Dean Steven Levitt


  • Undergraduate: Danielle Chapa
  • Finalists: Christine DeMyers, Kimberly Redgate
  • Graduate: Leah McCurdy
  • Finalists: Michael Lee Gardin, Argon Gruber
  • Presenter: Associate Professor of Anthropology Kathryn Brown


  • Undergraduate: Saifa Pirani
  • Finalists: Ghada Ghannam, Matthew Treviño
  • Graduate: Lydia Light
  • Finalists: Raluca Owens, April Rodriguez
  • Presenter: Associate Dean Steven Levitt


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