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The college of Liberal and Fine Arts Student Council began in June of 2010. The founding member, Itza Carbajal, sought to establish a united student led organization whose goal was to advocate and assist Liberal and Fine Art students.

The Council consisted of a five member executive cabinet including president. vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and public relations and recruitment chair. In the Fall of 2010, the Council included 11 department chair positions in correspondence to the 11 departments of the College of Liberal and Fine Arts. After much deliberation, the Council decided in the Spring of 2011 to restructure the organization with the removal of the department chairs and the creation of four committee chairs including Advocacy, Philanthropy, Mentorship, and Scholarship.

The COLFA Council sought to defend the Liberal and Fine Arts against budget cuts, neglect, misinformation, and apathy. In the year 2012, the council also began to address issues of negative stereotypes towards liberal and gine art degrees.

In the Spring of 2011, the COLFA Council set up an awareness campaign regarding the recent cuts to liberal and fine art programs in several national universities. The Council set up a mock funeral to help weep for the dead liberal and fine art programs. Gravestones with the names of the various dead programs decorated the grass facing the Sombrilla. With the Colfa Funeral, the council tried to express their concern for the future of COLFA.

Students worry about COLFA

During FIESTA UTSA 2011, The COLFA Council set up a tye-dye making booth in which students were allowed to personally create and customized tye-dye shirts during the FIESTA celebration on the main UTSA campus. Currently, the tie-dye fundraising activity is used by other organizations that incorporated the original design and idea of the Student COLFA Council for their own benefit.

In the Fall of 2012, the Student COLFA Council began a semester long video project in attempt to debunk streoetypes against Liberal and Fine Art studies. The afflux of negative commentaries, articles, and internet MEMEs caused the members of the Council to fight back and expose the true realities of liberal and fine art students rather than allow the stereotypes to prevail. The project aims to make 11 video segments, each covering the 11 departments in the College of Liberal and Fine Arts at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Currently, the first video segment about Art and Art history is live on YouTube, with a follow-up video soon to be produced.