The College of Engineering Outstanding Student Award is currently given out to one undergraduate and one graduate student at Student Government Association's annual University Life Awards.



  • Winner: Julie Cook Seiber[1]


  • Winner: William McChesney[2]


  • Winner: Jason West[3]


  • Undergraduate: Elizabeth Sembera
  • Graduate: Catalin Lacatus[4]


  • Undergraduate: Benjamin Setterbo
  • Finalists: Daniel Seiler, Walter Madalinski
  • Graduate: Michael Reyes
  • Finalists: Long Chen, John Joseph


  • Undergraduate: Jackseario "Jack" Rosario
  • Graduate: Andre Mayers
  • Finalists: Courtney Creecy, Kimberly Solomon


  • Undergraduate: Alex Roberts
  • Finalists: Jonathan Doemel, Philip Gutierrez
  • Graduate: Kimberly Solomon
  • Finalists: Madhupama Pal, Nan Du
  • Presenter: Dr. Ann Eisenberg, Honors College Associate Dean


  • Undergraduate: Jessica George
  • Finalists: Kathlene Morales, Peter Mancuso
  • Graduate: Brandy Alger
  • Finalists: Nan Du, Marie-Michelle Kelley
  • Presenter:


  • Undergraduate: Peter Mancuso
  • Finalists: Joseph Whitehouse, Katie Parks
  • Graduate: Anand Srinivasan
  • Finalists: Madhuparma Pal, Anna Boeck
  • Presenter:


  • Undergraduate: Christian Treviño
  • Finalists: Raquel de la Garza, Marissa Wechsler
  • Graduate: Patrick Benavidez
  • Finalists: Moumita Dutta, Mirunalini Thirugnanasambandam
  • Presenter: Associate Dean of Graduate Studies Wei-Ming Lin


  • Undergraduate: Patrick Stockton
  • Finalists: Jonathan Lwowski, Marilyn "MariPen" Yeatts
  • Graduate: Paul (?)
  • Finalists: Mirunalini Thirugnanasambandam, Peyman Najafirad, Clemente Romero
  • Presenter: Associate Dean Mark Appleford


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