The College of Education and Human Development Outstanding Student Award is currently given out to one undergraduate and one graduate student at Student Government Association's annual University Life Awards.


As College of Social and Behavioral SciencesEdit


  • Winner: Claudia Treviño Garcia[1]


  • Winner: Elizabeth de la Potilla-Lyon[2]


  • Winner: Hugo Hernandez[3]

As College of Education and Human DevelopmentEdit


  • Winners: Cindy Cardenas & Cari Davis[4]


  • Undergraduate: Eileen Cartwright
  • Graduate: Gloria Guerra[5]


  • Undergraduate: Tina White
  • Graduate: Desiree Acosta


  • Undergraduate: Jessica Mendez
  • Finalists: Brandi Cuevas, Vincent Morales, Esther Rios
  • Graduate: Shelbee Nguyen
  • Finalists: Michael Logan, Penny Pruitt, Anna Lopez


  • Undergraduate: Petra Lopez-Perryman
  • Finalists: Keliesha Gardener, Alexandra Villalobos
  • Graduate: Diane Elizondo
  • Finalists: Erin Doran, Allegra Montemayor
  • Presenter:


  • Undergraduate: Wendy Carley
  • Finalists: Emily Watson, Steven Stelly
  • Graduate: Allegra Montemayor
  • Finalists: Erin Doran, Iffat Jabeen
  • Presenter: Dr. Betty Merchant, College of Education and Human Development Associate Dean


  • Undergraduate: Pamela Bejarano
  • Finalists: skipped by program
  • Graduate: Adolph Delgado
  • Finalists: Sean Danweber, Sofia Garza
  • Presenter: Dr. Richard Boon, Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching


  • Undergraduate: Nathaniel Leonard
  • Finalists: Marisol Reyes, Rhiannon Wilder
  • Graduate: Meaghan Medina
  • Finalists: Vincent Carales, Amber Collins
  • Presenter:


  • Undergraduate: Marisol Reyes
  • Finalists: Peggy Lynch, Marguerite Nutt
  • Presenter: COEHD Education Specialist Amalia Guirao
  • Graduate: Vanessa Sansone
  • Finalists: Hannah MacNaul, Vincent Carales
  • Presenter: Associate Vice Provost Maricela Oliva


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