The College of Business Outstanding Student Award is currently given out to one undergraduate and one graduate student at Student Government Association's annual University Life Awards.



  • Winner: Nancy Meza[1]


  • Winner: Shawn Sily[2]


  • Winner: Rober Dewitt Rote[3]


  • Winner: Theresia Herro[4]


  • Winner: Marcee Loy[5]


  • Winner: Adam Rowland[6]


  • Undergraduate: Heath Grona
  • Graduate: Aaron Castro[7]


  • Undergraduate: Sergio Silva
  • Finalists: Alecia Murphy, Ryanne Vela
  • Graduate: Joy L. Row
  • Finalists: Chris Allison, Paula Cantrell


  • Undergraduate: Juan Tejeda
  • Finalists: Megan Chavez, Ryan Zapata
  • Graduate: Wendy Boaglio
  • Finalist: Carlos Sanchez


  • Undergraduate: Megan Chavez
  • Finalists: Tim Spohrer, Michael Paul Grondel, Jamaal Hollingsworth
  • Presenter: Lisa Montoya, College of Business Associate Dean
  • Graduate: Daniel Perales
  • Finalists: Eduardo Rincon, Christina Sikorha
  • Presenter: Diane Walz, College of Business Associate Dean


  • Undergraduate: Michael Paul Grondel
  • Finalists: Jose Velasquez, Jacquelyn Richter
  • Graduate: Tyreo Harrison
  • Presenter: Dr. Lisa Montoya, College of Business Associate Dean


  • Undergraduate: Jose Camacho
  • Finalists: Biljana Jovanova, Jonathan "Rico" Peterson-Ruiz
  • Graduate: Megan Shaver
  • Presenter: Associate Dean Dr. Diane Walz


  • Undergraduate: Zachary Dunn
  • Finalists: Timothy Breidenbach, Stephanie Dalmau
  • Graduate: Betsabe "Betsy" Aguirre
  • Presenter: Associate Dean Lisa Montoya


  • Undergraduate: Karla Cruz
  • Finalists: Ashley Campos, Megan Malisani
  • Presenter: Director of Business Services Joey Ramos
  • Graduate: Andy Thomas
  • Presenter: COB Assistant Director of Career Services Peter Morales


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