The College of Architecture Outstanding Student Award is currently given out to one undergraduate and one graduate student at Student Government Association's annual University Life Awards.



  • Winner: David Matiella[1]


  • Undergraduate: Devon Oatman
  • Graduate: Russell Kenyon[2]


  • Undergraduate: Maritza Alvarado
  • Finalists: April Rusco, Kevin Pruski
  • Graduate: Amy Unger
  • Finalists: Christopher Gonzalez, Sergio Martinez


  • Undergraduate: Harrison Pierce
  • Graduate: Laura Carrera


  • Undergraduate: Micaela Merea
  • Finalists: Sileny Suarez, Albert Franco
  • Graduate: Andrea Rodriguez
  • Finalists: Aleksandra Vucic, Tal Perks
  • Presenter: Dr. Robert Baron, College of Architecture Associate Dean


  • Undergraduate: Jamal Cooper
  • Finalists: Tenisha Cochran, Obiekwe Okolo
  • Graduate: Harrison Pierce
  • Finalists: Albert Treviño, Vincent Ramirez
  • Presenter:


  • Undergraduate: Carlos Serrano
  • Finalists: Blaine Sparks, David Goolsby
  • Graduate: Denise Castillo
  • Finalists: Lance Lanoux, Angela Heartsell
  • Presenter:


  • Undergraduate: Jen Peterson
  • Finalists: Donovan Linsey, Tanner Matejka
  • Graduate: Mary Minor
  • Finalists: Sarah Esserlieu, Krystin Ramirez
  • Presenter: Associate Dean Robert Baron


  • Undergraduate: Donovan Linsey
  • Finalists: Elsa DeLeon, Stephen Barrett
  • Graduate: Kristin Flores
  • Finalists: Nicole Thomas, Mary Minor
  • Presenter: Associate Dean Suat Gunham


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