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College Republicans
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Organizational Information
Parent Organization College Republican National Committee
Type Political Club
Leadership Information
Elections Annually[1]
Presiding Officer Alexis N. Colton
Advisor Mavis "Jim" Startin

The College Republicans at UTSA (also known as the "CRs" or the "UTSA GOP") are the UTSA branch of the College Republicans.[1] It is affiliated with and supported by the College Republican National Committee and the Texas College Republicans.[1]


The Republicans of UTSA go back multiple decades, under both the "Young Republicans" and "College Republicans" label. Like the Young Democrats, their presence was originally established in the 70's.

The 1970'sEdit

Throughout 1977, the Young Republicans (as they were originally known) met at 3:30 on Thursdays.[2][3] The following year the name was changed to the "College Republicans".[4] Meeting were moved to Wednesdays at 1:00 in Fall 1978 in HB 2.01.04.[5] The CRs kept their Wednesday meetings but moved them to 2:00 pm in the Spring of 1979, often in HB 2.01.04.[6] Lamar Smith, then Chairman of the Republican Party of San Antonio, was a guest speaker at a meeting on February 14, 1979.[7] The club congregated on June 11 at Dee Dee's Restaurant for a summer meeting.[8] It was one of about 50 student organizations at the time.[9]

The 1980'sEdit

Meetings resumed in Fall of 1980 at the usual 2:00 time.[10] Throughout Fall 1981 the College Republicans met in HB 3.02.28 at 2:00 on Wednesdays.[11] The CRs and Pre-Law Association had a mixer on January 22, 1982; the event was open free of charge to all Political Science majors.[12] The club became one of the original 15 campus organizations to participate in UTSA Day during the Spring of 1982.[13] On October 13, 1982 the organization held a mock election for governor in the HB Building from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.[14] The name of the club changed to the "University Republicans" in 1984.[15]


Event Item Price Quant.
2014 Fiesta UTSA Cotton Candy $2


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