CSA Bulletin Board

CSA's bulletin board in the MH galleria from Fall 2011

The Catholic Student Association (abbreviated CSA) is an archdiocesan campus ministry for Catholics based in the off-campus St. Anthony Catholic Student Center. The organization holds mass at 7 pm on Sundays at the center and weekly meetings on Wednesday evenings. Their mass is open to the general public and is often attended by students' families and CSA alumni.

CSA regularly participates in Best Fest, Fiesta UTSA, Golf Cart Parade, Window Wars, and University Life Awards. CSA participates in community service events, social events, and prayer meetings, including sometimes a weekly Rosary or Chaplet of Divine Mercy. CSA annually hosts an Ash Wednesday mass on campus, often presided over by a local bishop or archbishop.

Joseph Granado won the Student Leader of the Month award for October 2008 and was a Mr. UTSA finalist in 2009. Mr. UTSA 2004 Stephen Cheney joined after winning.

St. Anthony Catholic Student CenterEdit

CSA's ministry center was opened in 1996 and dedicated by then Archbishop Patrick Flores. Beginning on April 21, 2013, the Newman center began housing the Eucharist in an on-site tabernacle.


Term Chair Co-chair Campus minister
2004 Fall Sr. Imelda Phelan
2005 Spring Maria Acosta Sr. Imelda Phelan
2005 Fall Maria Acosta John Alvarez Sr. Imelda Phelan
2006 Spring John Alvarez Dianne Ayon Sr. Imelda Phelan
2006 Fall John Alvarez Michelle Burks Sr. Imelda Phelan
2007 Spring John Alvarez Michelle Burks Sr. Imelda Phelan
2007 Fall Emmanuel Villarreal Sr. Imelda Phelan
2008 Spring Emmanuel Villarreal Franco Sesatty Sr. Imelda Phelan
2008 Fall Emmanuel Villarreal Bryanna Gonzalez Sr. Imelda Phelan
2009 Spring Joseph Granado Bryanna Gonzalez Sr. Imelda Phelan
2009 Fall Crystal Cadengo Joseph Granado Joseph Liedecke
2010 Spring Maria Alejandra Paz Marc Hernandez Joseph Liedecke
2010 Fall Marc Hernandez Kotei Nikoi Angelique Deffenbaugh
2011 Spring Kotei Nikoi Amy Gomez Angelique Deffenbaugh
2011 Fall Cecilia Tapia Daniel Quintero Fr. Ramon Gonzalez

For the Spring 2012 semester and forward, CSA decided to change from "chair" and "co-chair" to "president" and "vice president".

Term President Vice president Campus minister
2012 Spring Daniel Quintero Jacob Rodriguez Fr. Ramon Gonzalez
2012 Fall Jacob Rodriguez Alex Rivera Fr. Mark Clarke, Sr. Clarice Suchy
2013 Spring Jackie Trejo Tilly Webb Fr. Mark Clarke, Sr. Clarice Suchy
2013 Fall Jackie Trejo Matthew Lara Fr. Mark Clarke, Sr. Clarice Suchy

Committee ChairsEdit


  • Membership: Matthew Lara, Mackenzie Goode
  • Publicity: Elizabeth Santos (all year), Jackie Trejo (Fall), Dora Ayala (Spring)
  • Fundraising: Daniel Quintero,
  • Social & Community Service: Maria Alejandra Paz, Robert Meneghetti
  • Liturgical Coordinator: Tilly Webb (Spring) (position was rolled back into VP duties after this)


  • Membership: Chris Lopez, Robert Meneghetti
  • Publicity: Brenda Gutierrez, Daniela Lopez
  • Fundraising: Tilly Webb, Miranda Palomo
  • Social & Community Service: Rosita Gutierrez, Elizabeth Santos


CSA won the award for Greenest Booth at the 2013 Best Fest.

Event Item Price Quant.
2012 Fiesta UTSA Fruit Cups
2012 Best Fest Mozzarella Sticks $1 3
2013 Fiesta UTSA Grilled Cheese Sandwiches $1
2013 Best Fest Spirit Lanterns $2
2014 Fiesta UTSA Mozzarella Sticks $3 5
2014 Best Fest Mozzarella Sticks $3 5
2015 Fiesta UTSA Mozzarella Sticks $3 5


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