2006 - 2nd Place - CAB

CAB's "Kentucky Fried (Lamar) Cardinal" earned it 2nd place in the 2006 Window Wars.

Formerly Campus Activities Board or "CAB", Roadrunner Productions programs events for the university, many of them being annual traditions. Their most popular events are Best Fest and Fiesta UTSA, two parallel festival events--one in the fall and one in the spring. They also have been known for having casino nights, Hawaiian luaus, and comedy shows. CAB features entertainment of all sorts and aims to provide the best entertainment for students. Currently they have five executives, each dedicated to ensuring the organization creates a sense of community and develops the skills of individual members to the fullest extent. CAB's vision is to create the ultimate productions at UTSA and they intend on doing that, one roadrunner at a time.

CAB placed 2nd at the 2006 Window Wars. CAB member Marisela Rodriguez was a finalist for Ms. UTSA 2001, and Brian Smith won Roadrunner of the Month for October 2012.



  • President: Kristy Vidaurri
  • Vice President: Stephanie Hinton


  • President: Royl Roberts
  • Vice President: Rob Killen
  • Advisor: Beth Pang


  • President: Vinh Tu
  • Vice President for Membership: Marsha Carrasco
  • Vice President for Public Relations: Lisa Bombin
  • Treasurer: Bobby Leyva
  • Social Secretary: Hope Martinez
  • Advisors: Beth Pang, Evonn Hansen, Mark Lindkvist


  • President: Marisela Rodriguez


  • President: Theresa Survillion
  • Vice President for Internal Affairs: Michael Decker
  • Vice President for External Affairs: Laurie Ritter, Rene Contreras
  • Vice President for Financial Affairs: Cynthia Bernal
  • Vice President for Administrative Affairs: Andraya Young

Committee ChairsEdit


  • Awareness Coordinator: Mark Bennett
  • Awareness Chair: Danielle Brice
  • Entertainment Chair: Robert Mendiola, Royl Roberts
  • Festivals Coordinator: Keith Vetters
  • Festivals Chair: Taindee Swords
  • Membership Coordinator: Jenny Rutledge
  • Membership Chair: Kristy Sadlon
  • Spirit & Traditions Coordinator: Jennifer Zachry
  • Spirit & Traditions Chair: Dawn Ochs


  • Awareness Chair: David Salazar
  • Awareness Asst. Chair: Jennifer DeWitt
  • Coffeehouse Chair: Vanessa Bute
  • Entertainment Chair: Ernie Ramirez
  • Festivals Chair: Vinh Tu
  • Membership Chair: Marsha Carrasco
  • Membership Asst. Chair: April Kelley
  • Recreation Chair: Bobby Leyva
  • Recreation Asst. Chair: Mollie Walker
  • Spirit & Traditions Chair: Kim Hanson
  • Spirit & Traditions Asst. Chair: Angela Stewart


  • Awareness Chair: Jennifer Kozar-Carew
  • Awareness Asst. Chair: Mike Smith
  • Coffeehouse Chair: Angelica Mendoza
  • Coffeehouse Asst. Chair: Brienna Becker
  • Downtown Chair: Roni Leal
  • Downtown Asst. Chair: David Salazar
  • Entertainment Chair: Marisela Rodriguez
  • Festivals Chair: Jennifer Sifuentes
  • Festivals Asst. Chair: Esteban Morales
  • Homecoming Chair: Lena Carpenter
  • Spirit & Traditions Chair: Monica Lozano


  • Awareness Chair: Michael Snider
  • Coffeehouse Chair: Cristina Martinez
  • Coffeehouse Asst. Chair: Becky Bromley
  • Entertainment Chair: James Riojas
  • Entertainment Asst. Chair: Kelli Williams
  • Festivals Chair: Cristina Zamarripa
  • Festivals Asst. Chair: Susana Herrejon
  • Homecoming Chair:
  • Spirit & Traditions Chair: Jose Banuelos
  • Spirit & Traditions Asst. Chair: Amalia Puentes

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  • This painting won CAB Honorable Mention in the 2007 Window Wars.
  • CAB's 1st Place submission for the 2008 Window Wars
  • CAB's festival events cover the whole Sombrilla and central plaza.
  • Best Fest sometimes includes a costume contest, such as this one from 2004.
  • Best Fest is usually Halloween-themed, and vendors are encouraged to modify their items accordingly.

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