The official building codes for each building at UTSA refers to its designation in the DEFINE software used by UTSA staff. Each building is also designated by a building number. The distinction here between major and minor buildings is not one UTSA makes, but it allows the reader to quickly see only the commonly used building codes. To sort these lists as one chart, please see the source page in the references.

Major BuildingsEdit

The Science Building is now the Peter T. Flawn Building.

Campus Code Number Name
Main AET 0557 Applied Engineering and Technology Building
Main ART 0548 Arts Building
Main BB 0536 Business Building
Main BRG 0525 Bauerle Road Garage
Main BSB 0553 Biosciences Building
Main BSE 0555 Biotechnology, Sciences and Engineering Building
Main CC 0560 Convocation Center
Main EB 0552 Engineering Building
Main FLN 0554 Peter T. Flawn Building
Main JPL 0542 John Peace Library
Main MB 0543 Main Building
Main MH 0526 McKinney Humanities Building
Main MS 0556 Multidisciplinary Studies Building
Main NPB 0527 North Paseo Building
Main PE 0570 Physical Education Building
Main RWC 0531 Recreation Wellness Center
Main TAG 0523 Tobin Avenue Garage
Main UC 0530 University Center
Main XAG 0524 Ximenes Avenue Garage
Downtown BVB 0620 Buena Vista Street Building
Downtown DTG 0650 Downtown Parking Garage
Downtown DBB 0630 Durango Building
Downtown FS 0610 Frio Street Building
Downtown MNT 0660 Monterey Building
ITC ITC 0750 Institute of Texan Cultures[1]

Minor BuildingsEdit

Campus Code Number Name
Main ARR 575A Athletic Restroom Facilities
Main AT3 0571 Athletic Training Modular
Main ATB T570 Athletics Temporary Office Building
Main BBP 0577 Baseball Practice Facility
Main BBS 0573 Baseball Storage Facility
Main BOS 0520 Bosque Street Building
Main BSA 0511 Business Services Annex
Main BWS 810G Bio Waste Cold Storage
Main CAR 0502 Center for Archaeological Research
Main CDC 0532 Child Development Center
Main CNG 0513 CNG Station
Main CRW 0500 Central Receiving & Warehouse
Main CSB 0820 Chemical Storage Building
Main CSL 0503 Concrete/Soil Laboratory
Main FND 504A Foundry
Main FSB 0512 Facilities Services Building
Main FWH 0514 Facilities Warehouse
Main GH 0501 Greenhouse
Main GMB 0580 Grounds Maintenance Building
Main HW2 810A Hazardous Waste Storage Facility 2
Main HW3 810B Hazardous Waste Storage Facility 3
Main HW4 810C Hazardous Waste Storage Facility 4
Main HW5 810D Chemical Waste Storage and Processing Facility 5
Main IBT 2003 Information Booth - Tobin
Main IBX 2002 Information Booth - Ximenes
Main IFH 0533 Intramural Field House
Main KLN 504B Kilns
Main L01 L001 Laurel Village 1
Main L02 L002 Laurel Village 2
Main L03 L003 Laurel Village 3
Main L04 L004 Laurel Village 4
Main L05 L005 Laurel Village 5
Main L06 L006 Laurel Village 6
Main L07 L007 Laurel Village 7
Main L08 L008 Laurel Village 8
Main L09 L009 Laurel Village City Center
Main L10 L010 Laurel Village Neighborhood Center 10
Main L11 L011 Laurel Village Neighborhood Center 11
Main L12 L012 Laurel Village Neighborhood Center 12
Main MBT 0516 Margaret Batts Tobin Laboratory Building
Main MEM 0518 Mems Lab
Main PBX 0576 Baseball Press Box
Main PDS 0515 Power & Dynamics Systems Laboratory
Main RLP 0506 Science Research Laboratories Pumphouse
Main RRC 0018 Roadrunner Cafe
Main RWS 810F Lap & (Radioactive) Waste Storage Building
Main SC 0504 Sculpture & Ceramics
Main SCG 0508 Sculpture & Ceramics Graduate Studio
Main SEL 0517 Science & Engineering Laboratory
Main SFA 510A Support Services Facility A
Main SFB 510B Support Services Facility B
Main SFC 510C Support Services Facility C
Main SFD 510D Support Services Facility D
Main SPF 0575 Softball Practice Facility
Main SRL 0507 Science Research Laboratories
Main TCB 0574 Tennis Center
Main TEP 0522 Thermal Energy Plant
Main UOB 0521 Utilities/Operations Building
Main V01 0001 Chaparral Village 1
Main V02 0002 Chaparral Village 2
Main V03 0003 Chaparral Village 3
Main V04 0004 Chaparral Village 4
Main V05 0005 Chaparral Village 5
Main V06 0006 Chaparral Village 6
Main V07 0007 Chaparral Village 7
Main V08 0008 Chaparral Village 8
Main V09 0009 Chaparral Village 9
Main V10 0010 Chaparral Village 10
Main V11 0011 Chaparral Village 11
Main V12 0012 Chaparral Village 12
Main V13 0013 Chaparral Village Neighborhood Center 4
Main V14 0014 Chaparral Village Neighborhood Center 3
Main V15 0015 Chaparral Village Neighborhood Center 2
Main V16 0016 Chaparral Village Neighborhood Center 1
Main V17 0017 Chaparral Village City Center
Downtown BST 9994 Blue Star Building
Downtown DBA 0640 Durango Addition
Downtown WPB 9993 Washington Place Building
ITC ADH 0760 Adobe House
ITC BRN 0757 Barn
ITC FHQ 0759 Fort Headquarters
ITC GNS 0754 ITC Grounds Storage
ITC ISB 0753 Security Booth
ITC ITP 0755 ITC Thermal Energy Plant
ITC LGC 0756 Log Cabin
ITC ORS 0758 One-Room Schoolhouse
UH UH2 9997 University Heights Tech Center 2
UH UH3 9996 University Heights Tech Center 3 MC
UH UH4 9998 University Heights Tech Center 4
LS LSB 9995 4350 Lockhill Selma[1]
  • UH refers not to a campus per se but to the UTSA property on University Heights Avenue. Likewise, LS refers to UTSA property along Lockhill Selma Drive.

Obsolete Building CodesEdit

Campus Code Number Name
Main SB Science Building


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