Brackenridge Road, formerly George Brackenridge Road[1] and one of the original roads on campus,[2] begins at Ximenes Avenue at the south visitor booth and ends at the Child Development Center. Along its route, it borders University Oaks Phases 2 & 3 and meets with Barshop Road to form the Main Campus's only roundabout intersection.[3]


George Washington Brackenridge, who lived from 1833-1920 and never married, was the son of John Adams Brackenridge. During the Civil War, George founded Brackenridge, Bates, and Company cotton traders. Though George's three brothers fought for the confederacy, he was forced to leave Texas on account of favoring the Union. His positions over time included San Antonio Water Works Company president, San Antonio school board president, Express Publishing Company director, and president of a trust company.

He served on the UT System Board of Regents from November 1886 to January 1911 and from August 1917 to January 1919. He donated Brackenridge Park to San Antonio and the "Brackenridge tract" of 503 acres in Austin to UT Austin, intending for the latter to serve as the new location of its main campus.[4] Instead, most of the tract is currently leased out by the university as a revenue stream, including for the Lions Municipal Golf Course.[5]


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