Alpha Tau Omega (or ATO or ATΩ) is a social fraternity which falls under the governance of the IFC. It has been off of campus for awhile, being academically suspended after spring 2005, but has recently returned for spring 2011.

ATΩ Dan Iza won Mr. UTSA 2007.

Grade ReportsEdit

Term IFC Rank GPA Students IFC GPA IFC Students
Spring 2005[1] 7/9 2.363 51
Spring 2011[2] 2/7 2.862 37 2.732 284
Fall 2011[3] 2/6 2.956 41 2.720 210
Spring 2012[4] 1/6 3.031 41 2.699 238


Event Item Price Quant.
2012 Fiesta UTSA Gatorade (labeled "GATΩ" juice")
2012 Best Fest Beef Fajitas


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