Like any complex and organized institution, UTSA has many acronyms to keep straight. This article is intended to help with that, clarifying whether a certain set of letters refers to a building, organization, major, or something else.

List of AcronymsEdit

Below is a non-exhaustive list of acronyms for various UTSA subjects and majors.

Acronym Type Stands For
AIS Subject Academic Inquiry & Scholarship
ACC Subject Accounting
ASC Subject Aerospace Studies
AAS Subject African American Studies
AMS Subject American Studies
ANT Subject Anthropology
ARA Subject Arabic
ARC Subject Architecture
ART Subject Art
AHC Subject Art History and Criticism
AST Subject Astronomy
BBL Subject Bicultural Bilingual Studies
BIO Subject Biology
BME Subject Biomedical Engineering
BLW Subject Business Law
CHE Subject Chemistry
CHN Subject Chinese
CE Subject Civil Engineering
CLA Subject Classics
COM Subject Communication
CSH Subject Comparative Studies in the Humanities
CPE Subject Computer Engineering
CS Subject Computer Science
CSM Subject Construction Science & Management
COU Subject Counseling
CRJ Subject Criminal Justice
C&I Subject Curriculum & Instruction
DAN Subject Dance
ECE Subject Early Childhood Education
ECO Subject Economics
EDL Subject Educational Leadership
EDP Subject Educational Psychology
EE Subject Electrical Engineering
EGR Subject Engineering
ENG Subject English
ESL Subject English as a Second Language
EIS Subject English for International Students
ENT Subject Entrepreneurship
ES Subject Environmental Sciences
FM Subject Facility & Property Management
FIN Subject Finance
FL Subject Foreign Languages
FRN Subject French
GBA Subject General Business Administration
GRG Subject Geography
GEO Subject Geology
GER Subject German
GLA Subject Global Affairs
GRK Subject Greek
HTH Subject Health
HIS Subject History
HON Subject Honors
HUM Subject Humanities
IS Subject Information Systems
ILT Subject Interdisciplinary Learning & Teaching
IDS Subject Interdisciplinary Studies
IDE Subject Interior Design
ITL Subject Italian
JPN Subject Japanese
KIN Subject Kinesiology
KOR Subject Korean
LAT Subject Latin
LDR Subject Leadership
LGS Subject Legal Studies
LNG Subject Linguistics
MGT Subject Management
MS Subject Management Science
MOT Subject Management of Technology
MKT Subject Marketing
MAT Subject Mathematics
ME Subject Mechanical Engineering
MES Subject Media Studies
MHU Subject Medical Humanities
MAS Subject Mexican American Studies
MSC Subject Military Science
MDS Subject Multidisciplinary Studies
MSM Subject Museum Studies
MUS Subject Music
NPO Subject Non-Profit Management
NDT Subject Nutrition & Dietetics
PHI Subject Philosophy
PHY Subject Physics
POL Subject Political Science
PSY Subject Psychology
PAD Subject Public Administration
PUB Subject Public Health
QLE Subject Quantitative Literacy Exempt
QLW Subject Quantitative Literacy Workshop
RDG Subject Reading
RFD Subject Real Estate
RUS Subject Russian
SOC Subject Sociology
SPN Subject Spanish
SPE Subject Special Education
SET Subject Sport, Event, and Tourism Management
STA Subject Statistics
THR Subject Theater
UPM Subject University Peer Mentorship
WS Subject Women's Studies
WRC Subject Writing Program
A Major Art
ACS Major Actuarial Science
ACT Major Accounting
AHC Major Art History & Criticism
AMS Major American Studies
ANT Major Anthropology
ARC Major Architecture
BCH Major Biochemistry
BIO Major Biology
BME Major Biomedical Engineering
BUS Major Business
CE Major Civil Engineering
CHE Major Chemistry
CLA Major Classical Studies
COM Major Communication
CPEG Major Computer Engineering
CRJ Major Criminal Justice
CS Major Computer Science
CSHU Major Classical Studies & Humanities
CSM Major Construction Science & Management
CYS Major Cyber Security
ECO Major Economics
EE Major Electrical Engineering
ENG Major English
ENT Major Entrepreneurship
ES Major Environmental Science
ESL Major English as a Second Language
FIN Major Finance
GEN Major General Business
GEO Major Geology
GLA Major Global Affairs
GRG Major Geography
HIS Major History
HRM Major Human Resource Management
HTH Major Health
HUM Major Humanities
IA Major Infrastructure Assurance
IDE Major Interior Design
IDS Major Interdisciplinary Studies
IS Major Information Systems
KAH Major Kinesiology
MAS Major Mexican-American Studies
MDS Major Multidisciplinary Science
MDST Major Multidisciplinary Studies
ME Major Mechanical Engineering
MGT Major Management
MI Major Microbiology & Immunology
MKT Major Marketing
MLAS Major Modern Language Studies
MOT Major Management of Technology
MTH Major Mathematics
MUS Major Music
NTD Major Nutrition & Dietetics
PAD Major Public Administration
PBI Major Pre-Biology
PCOM Major Pre-Communication
PHI Major Philosophy
PHY Major Physics
POL Major Political Science
PRA Major Pre-Architecture
PRB Major Pre-Business
PRP Major Pre-Psychology
PSY Major Psychology
PUH Major Public Health
RFD Major Real Estate Finance & Development
SET Major Sport, Event, & Tourism Management
SOC Major Sociology
SPN Major Spanish
STA Major Statistics
WS Major Women's Studies


Often times a subject code won't match the major code it's associated with. Below is a chart people can use to keep them straight.

Acronym Type Stands For
ACC Subject Accounting
ACT Major Accounting
ART Subject Art
A Major Art
CPE Subject Computer Engineering
CPEG Major Computer Engineering
FL Subject Foreign Languages
MLAS Major Modern Language Studies
GBA Subject General Business Administration
GEN Major General Business
KIN Subject Kinesiology
KAH Major Kinesiology
LGS Subject Legal Studies
MAT Subject Mathematics
MTH Major Mathematics
MDS Subject Multidisciplinary Studies
MDST Major Multidisciplinary Studies
NDT Subject Nutrition & Dietetics
NTD Major Nutrition & Dietetics
PUB Subject Public Health
PUH Major Public Health


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