The 2011 University Life Awards took place in the UC III Ballroom on March 31, 2011 at 6pm. The masters of ceremony were Mr. and Ms. UTSA Roger Frigstad and Krystal Nicholson, and the theme was "A Night Under the Stars". The awards selection committee consisted of Rosanna "Rosie" Mendiola, Zwisel Gandia, Tony Daniels, Kasey Neece-Fielder, Eric Arellano, and Eric Gentry. The University Life Awards are hosted by Student Government Association.

Student AwardsEdit

Most Outstanding Freshman

  • Winner: Jerome Scott
  • Finalists: Roger Cardenas, Frankie Shairali

Most Outstanding Sophomore

  • Winner: Ana Navarro
  • Finalists: Mary Hoang, Willyam "BJ" Winston

Most Outstanding Junior

  • Winner: Cesar Lopez
  • Finalists: Lyndsey Luther, Christina Perez

Most Outstanding Senior

  • Winner: Sergio Maltos
  • Finalists: Monica Ceja, Lacy Guaderrama

Most Outstanding Graduate Student

  • Winner: Jessica Beemer
  • Finalists: Laura Carrera, William Dawson, Jana Schwartz

Volunteer of the Year

  • Winner: Dezranique Stansberry
  • Finalists: Katie Dugan, Willyam "BJ" Winston

Most Outstanding Resident Assistant

  • Winners: Maritza Gordillo and Janie Pascual

Greek Man and Woman of the Year

  • Winners: Kenneth "Rhett" LaRose(ΣΠ) and Samira Lopez (KΔX)

Jane Findling Award

  • Winners: Elissa Dougherty, Autumn Lansford, Brian Mannas, Harrison Pierce, Simon Fraser, and Willyam "BJ" Winston

Golden Feather Award

  • Winners: Derek Trimm, Jennifer Preza, Leticia Allen, Megan Graham, Lacy Guaderrama

Organization AwardsEdit

Outstanding Service Program or Project Award

Outstanding Cultural or Religious Awareness Program or Project

Outstanding Member Development

Outstanding New Registered Student Organization

  • Winner: Historic Preservation Association

Outstanding Organization Advisor

  • Winner: Dr. Maricela Oliva

Outstanding Registered Student Organization

Faculty/Staff AwardsEdit

Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award (Tenure-Track)

  • Winners: Bruce Barnett and Donovan Fogt (tie)

Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award (Non-Tenure-Track)

  • Winner: Andrea Cordaway

Outstanding Academic Advisor

  • Winner: Ricardo Guzman

Outstanding Support Staff

  • Winner: Spencer Jones
  • Finalists: Brian Jantz, Velma Garcia

Outstanding Professional Staff

  • Winner: Mark Munguia
  • Finalists: Ernest Hernandez, Bob Miller

College AwardsEdit

College of Architecture Outstanding Undergraduate Student

  • Winner: Harrison Pierce

College of Architecture Outstanding Graduate Student

  • Winner: Laura Carrera

College of Business Outstanding Undergraduate Student

  • Winner: Juan Tejeda
  • Finalists: Megan Chavez, Ryan Zapata

College of Business Outstanding Graduate Student

  • Winner: Wendy Boaglio
  • Finalist: Carlos Sanchez

College of Education and Human Development Outstanding Undergraduate Student

  • Winner: Jessica Mendez
  • Finalists: Brandi Cuevas, Vincent Morales, Esther Rios

College of Education and Human Development Outstanding Graduate Student

  • Winner: Shelbee Nguyen
  • Finalists: Michael Logan, Penny Pruitt, Anna Lopez

College of Engineering Outstanding Undergraduate Student

  • Winner: Jackseario "Jack" Rosario

College of Engineering Outstanding Graduate Student

  • Winner: Andre Mayers
  • Finalists: Courtney Creecy, Kimberly Solomon

College of Liberal and Fine Arts Outstanding Undergraduate Student

  • Winner: Regi Cantu
  • Finalists: Rob Pohl, Jessica Garza

College of Liberal and Fine Arts Outstanding Graduate Student

  • Winner: Victor Kopic
  • Finalist: Dianna Lopez

College of Public Policy Outstanding Undergraduate Student

  • Winner: Carlos Davenport
  • Finalist: Chelsey Ochoa

College of Public Policy Outstanding Graduate Student

  • Winner: Sara Sebastian
  • Finalist: Katherine Narvarte

College of Sciences Outstanding Undergraduate Student

  • Winner: Timothy Shank

College of Sciences Outstanding Graduate Student

  • Winner: Jessica Felhofer

Honors College Outstanding Student

  • Winner Sarah Cantu
  • Finalists: Benjamin Barkley, Jessica Mendez

Campus Recreation AwardsEdit

Female Athlete of the Year

  • Winner: Kendra Rowland

Male Athlete of the Year

  • Winner: Devin Gibson

Outdoor Adventurers of the Year

  • Winners: Madison Duranau and Joshea Danks

Fitness Fanatics of the Year

  • Winners: Philip Taele and Gloria Johnson

Best Intramural Official of the Year

  • Winner: Adrian Pena

Club Sports Leader of the Year

  • Winner: Nicholas Stephens

Bobbie Walker Best Female and Male Intramural Athlete of the Year

  • Winners: Sam Jackson and Isaac Williams
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