The 2007 University Life Awards were the 31st annual. Its theme was "Excellence Knows No Bounds." The University Life Awards are hosted by Student Government Association.

Student AwardsEdit

Most Outstanding Freshman

  • Winner: Dexter Weiss

Most Outstanding Sophomore

  • Winner: Jeremy Faulk

Most Outstanding Junior

  • Winner: Michelle Kowalick

Most Outstanding Senior

  • Winner: Caitlyn Griffith

Most Outstanding Graduate Student

  • Winner: Satish Penmatsa

Volunteer of the Year

  • Winner: Gianna Gallegos

Most Outstanding Resident Assistant

  • Winners: Tomi Yamamoto & Kiffini Dula

Greek Man of the Year

  • Winner: Steven Garza (ΦIA)

Jane Findling Award

  • Winners: Adam Cowdin, Krystal Robinson, Christina Mondragon

Golden Feather Award

  • Winners: Rohan Goswami, Adam Cowdin, Robert Garcia, Jasmine Saunders

Organization AwardsEdit

Outstanding Service Program or Project Award

Outstanding Cultural or Religious Awareness Program or Project

Outstanding Member Development

Diane Abdo Outstanding Organization Advisor

  • Winner: Sandra Gonzalez

Outstanding Registered Student Organization

Faculty/Staff AwardsEdit

Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award (Tenure-Track)

  • Winner: Dr. Sandy Norman, Department of Mathematics

Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award (Non-Tenure-Track)

  • Winner: Nancy Klepper, Department of Biology

Outstanding Academic Advisor

  • Winner: David Kessler

Outstanding Support Staff

  • Winner: Pauline Janert

Outstanding Professional Staff

  • Winner: Fred Hample

College AwardsEdit

College of Architecture Outstanding Undergraduate Student

  • Winner: Devon Oatman

College of Architecture Outstanding Graduate Student

  • Winner: Russell Kenyon

College of Business Outstanding Undergraduate Student

  • Winner: Heath Grona

College of Business Outstanding Graduate Student

  • Winner: Aaron Castro

College of Education and Human Development Outstanding Undergraduate Student

  • Winner: Eileen Cartwright

College of Education and Human Development Outstanding Graduate Student

  • Winner: Gloria Guerra

College of Engineering Outstanding Undergraduate Student

  • Winner: Elizabeth Sembera

College of Engineering Outstanding Graduate Student

  • Winner: Catalin Lacatus

College of Liberal and Fine Arts Outstanding Undergraduate Student

  • Winner: Angela White

College of Liberal and Fine Arts Outstanding Graduate Student

  • Winner: James Ordner

College of Public Policy Outstanding Undergraduate Student

  • Winner: Crystal Villarreal

College of Sciences Outstanding Undergraduate Student

  • Winner: Olabisi Sanusi

College of Sciences Outstanding Graduate Student:

  • Winner: Christopher Pierce

Honors College Outstanding Student

  • Winner: Jessica Junqueira

Campus Recreation AwardsEdit

Outdoor Adventurers of the Year

  • Winners: Alanna Connor & Juan Martinez

Fitness Fanatics of the Year

  • Winners: Alanna Aguirre & Samuel Stirrup

Best Intramural Official of the Year

  • Winner: Domingo Lopez

Club Sports Leader of the Year

  • Winner: Satoru Nagao

Bobbie Walker Best Female and Male Intramural Athlete of the Year

  • Winners: Toni Rocheleau & Rashad Culver[1]


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