The 2005 University Life Awards took place on April 25, 2005.

Student AwardsEdit

Most Outstanding Freshman

  • Winner: Emily Mandes

Most Outstanding Sophomore

  • Winner: David Martinez

Most Outstanding Junior

  • Winner: Anthony Velasquez

Most Outstanding Senior

  • Winner: Christine LeBlanc

Most Outstanding Graduate Student

  • Winner: Kristen Dunn

Most Spirited Student

  • Winner: Jason Palasota

Most Outstanding Resident Assistant

  • Winner: Chaunté McLendon

Greek Man and Woman of the Year

  • Winners: Theresa Survillion (AΣA) & Ross Langham (ΛXA)

Jane Findling Award

  • Winners: Jennifer Villarreal, Christine DeLeon, Lluvia Sanchez, Viresh Thusu, Damon Garcia, Samuel Johnson

Golden Feather Award

  • Winners: Ashlesh Murthy, Damon Garcia, Cody Coeckelenbergh, Ross Langham, Rachel Snell, Kimberly Belongia

Organization AwardsEdit

Most Outstanding Campus Life Program

Most Outstanding Cultural Awareness Program

Most Outstanding Original Service Programming

Most Outstanding Political Action

Most Outstanding Service Activity

Most Outstanding Special Interest

  • Winner: VOICES

Most Outstanding Religious Awareness

Most Scholarly Program

  • Winner: Students in Free Enterprise

Most Outstanding Membership Development

  • Winner: Alpha Phi Alpha

Diane Abdo Advisor of the Year

Most Outstanding Organization

  • Winner: Student Alumni Association

Faculty/Staff AwardsEdit

Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award (Tenure-Track)

  • Winner: Josephine Mendez-Negrete, Department of Bilingual-Bicultural Studies

Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award (Non-Tenure-Track)

  • Winner: Rosalie Noyes

Outstanding Academic Advisor

  • Winner: Sally Bench

Outstanding Support Staff

  • Winner: Eileen Skaggs, Office of Transitional Student Advisement Service

Outstanding Professional Staff

College AwardsEdit

College of Education and Human Development Outstanding Student

  • Winners: Cindy Cardenas & Cari Davis

College of Engineering Outstanding Student

  • Winner: Jason West

College of Liberal and Fine Arts Outstanding Student

  • Winner: Melanie Neely

College of Public Policy Outstanding Student

  • Winner: Leah Schier

College of Sciences Outstanding Student

  • Winner: Kimberly Belongia

Honors College Outstanding Student

  • Winner: Kimberly Belongia

School of Architecture Outstanding Student

  • Winner: David Matiella

Campus Recreation AwardsEdit

Female Intercollegiate Athlete of the Year

  • Winner: Jessica Rogers

Male Intercollegiate Athlete of the Year

  • Winner: Brandon Buteaux

Fitness Fanatics of the Year

  • Winners: Selena Mena-Fernandez & Brian Kendall

Best Intramural Official of the Year

  • Winner: Carlos Perez

Club Sports Leader of the Year

  • Winner: Maria Guana

Bobbie Walker Best Female and Male Intramural Athlete of the Year

  • Winners: Kylee Valenzuela & Brandon Wenzel[1]


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