Fall 1997Edit

  • Editor-in-Chief: Gary Wright
  • Features Editor: Jason Moore (acting)
  • Business/Ad Managers: Veronica Fragozo, Audra Hanley
  • Sports Editor: Matthew Golightly
  • Photo Editor: Nathan Lambrecht (acting)
  • Arts and Entertainment Editor: Mike Pendon
  • Web Page Manager: Ruttapol Apiromrak
  • Graphic/Design Editor: Thomas W. Blackburn
  • Advisor: Diane Abdo[1]

Spring 1998Edit

  • Editor-in-Chief: Gary Wright
  • Managing Editor: Rachael Hill
  • News Editor: Regina Hurtado
  • Features Editor: Matthew M. Dougan
  • Business/Ad Managers: Sylvia Cuevas, Audra Hanley
  • Sports Editor: Matthew Golightly
  • Photo Editor: Nathan Lambrecht
  • Arts and Entertainment Editor: Mike Pendon
  • Web Page Manager: Randy Baldwin
  • Graphic/Design Editor: Thomas W. Blackburn
  • Advisor: Diane Abdo[1]

Advisory BoardEdit

  • Mansour El-Kikhia
  • Steven G. Kellman
  • Ronald Ribble
  • Mark Bernstein
  • Karen Whitney
  • Steve Levitt
  • Paul Davis[1]


Issue Vol. No. Date Day Sample cover story[1]
296 19 27 Summer 1997 Welcome to the rest of your life...
297 20 15 9/3/1997 Wed Strike puts buying textbooks on hold
298 20 16 9/9/1997 Tue UTSA stars take it up a notch
299 20 17 9/16/1997 Tue UTSA economics professor recognized for excellence
300 20 17 9/23/1997 Tue Consolidation providing headaches for direct student loan program
301 20 18 9/30/1997 Tue UTSA-VIA partnership earns positive reviews
302 20 19 10/7/1997 Tue Lawsuit threats fuel chapter changes for greeks
303 20 20 10/14/1997 Tue New associate vice president to focus on technology
304 20 21 10/21/1997 Tue Alumni association sponsors balloon fest
305 20 22 10/28/1997 Tue 90's marked by increased top administrative jobs and salaries
306 20 23 11/4/1997 Tue UTSA hosts business ethics symposium
307 20 24
308 20 25 11/18/1997 Tue First floor JPL remodeling projects initial step in one-stop-shopping
309 21 1 1/13/1998 Tue New weather hotline to inform of campus closures
310 21 2 1/20/1998 Tue University looks to open new campus in Alamo City
311 21 3 1/27/1998 Tue SI program offered for students in high failure rate courses
312 21 4 2/3/1998 Tue Campus officials concerned over threat of cults
313 21 5 2/10/1998 Tue UTSA hosts internationally recognized literary scholars
314 21 6 2/17/1998 Tue New complex to serve UTSA's health, recreation, child care needs
315 21 7 2/24/1998 Tue Texas institute highlights cultures
316 21 8 3/3/1998 Tue Survey extended due to low number of responses
317 21 9 3/10/1998 Tue Progressive party sweeps student govt. elections
318 21 10 3/31/1998 Tue Financial aid office uses technology to increase efficiency
319 21 11 4/7/1998 Tue
320 21 12 4/14/1998 Tue Graffiti puts bad mark on UTSA image
321 21 13 4/21/1998 Tue Graduates eligible for $1,000 rebate
322 Summer 1998

Photo PollEdit

Date Listed Author(s) Question
8/26/1997 Gary Wright Do you think the Downtown Campus is a positive addition to UTSA?
9/3/1997 Nathan Lambrecht What do you think about the new parking meters?
9/9/1997 Nathan Lambrecht How do you think the university should deal with the damage caused by in-line skating and skateboarding?
9/16/1997 Nathan Lambrecht What do you do to relax after a long day at UTSA?
9/23/1997 Nathan Lambrecht Do you think there should be a designated area inside the buildings for smoking?
9/30/1997 Nathan Lambrecht What do you think Cowboys' training camp would bring to UTSA?
10/7/1997 Gary Wright What do you like or dislike about the Downtown Campus?
10/14/1997 Nathan Lambrecht What would it take for you to run across campus naked?
10/21/1997 Nathan Lambrecht Do you think that San Antonio should find a new arena for the Spurs?
10/28/1997 Nathan Lambrecht If you could have a class based on any television show or movie, which one would it be?
11/4/1997 Nathan Lambrecht What's best about Best Fest?
11/18/1997 Nathan Lambrecht What do you think about freshmen being able to register before upperclassmen?
1/13/1998 Nathan Lambrecht What was your New Year's resolution and have you broken it yet?
1/20/1998 Nathan Lambrecht Recent studies suggest that college graduates have less sex than high school graduates. Knowing this, are you still looking forward to graduation?
1/27/1998 Nathan Lambrecht, Chris Birck A recent study showed that the more involved a person is in a fraternity, the more alcohol he or she will consume. Do you think this is true at UTSA?
2/3/1998 Nathan Lambrecht Do you think the current allegations against President Bill Clinton are true, and should the country even care about his personal life?
2/10/1998 Nathan Lambrecht If you could host a daytime talk show, what would be one of your topics?
2/17/1998 Nathan Lambrecht What do you think should happen to the man accused of shooting a stray dog seven times after the dog wandered onto his property?
2/24/1998 Nathan Lambrecht How do you feel about students being charged a fee to pay for the Health and Wellness center?
3/3/1998 Nathan Lambrecht Who do you think better represents UTSA students, Dr. Samuel A. Kirkpatrick or Al "The Dancing Man"?
3/10/1998 Chris Birck What do you plan to do over spring break?
3/31/1998 Chris Birck Do you think Dinky, the Taco Bell Chihuahua, is a racist symbol?
4/14/1998 Chris Birck What do you think about animal testing at UTSA?
4/21/1998 Chris Birck What do you do to relieve stress at the end of the semester?
Summer 1998 none none


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