Fall 1996Edit

  • Editor-in-Chief: Cynthia Klekar
  • Managing Editor: Stephanie Dubick
  • News Editor: Jennifer Caliendo (acting)
  • Business/Ad Managers: Veronica Fragozo, Stephanie Higby
  • Sports Editor: Matthew Golightly
  • Photo Editor: Gary Wright
  • Arts and Entertainment Editor: Jessica Torres
  • Web Page Manager: Ruttapol Apiromrak
  • Advisor: Diane Abdo[1]

Spring 1997Edit

  • Editor-in-Chief: Jessica Torres
  • News Editor: Robert Mikesh
  • Business/Ad Managers: Veronica Fragozo, Audra Hanley
  • Sports Editor: Matthew Golightly
  • Photo Editor: Gary Wright
  • Artists/Cartoonists: Thomas Blackburn
  • Arts and Entertainment Editor: Erica Rodriguez
  • Web Page Manager: Ruttapol Apiromrak
  • Advisor: Diane Abdo[1]

Advisory BoardEdit

  • Mansour El-Kikhia
  • Steven G. Kellman
  • Ronald Ribble
  • Mark Bernstein
  • Karen Whitney
  • Richard Gambitta
  • Charles Field
  • Steve Levitt
  • Paul Davis[1]


Issue Vol. No. Date Day Sample cover story[1]
270 19 14 8/27/1996 Tue Campus shooting leaves two men dead
271 19 15 9/4/1996 Wed New details emerge about library shooting
272 19 16 9/10/1996 Tue Graduate students turn to unions for help
273 19 17 9/17/1996 Tue New opinion survey reveals disgruntled UTSA faculty
274 19 18 9/24/1996 Tue Universities face needs of students with disabilities
275 19 19 10/1/1996 Tue University police chief claims campus has 'adequate parking'
276 19 20 10/8/1996 Tue Learning Assistance serves growing number of students
277 19 21 10/15/1996 Tue Tenure under fire from state senator, UT system
278 19 22 10/22/1996 Tue Students voice parking concerns at open forum
279 19 23 10/29/1996 Tue University Police implement new training procedures
280 19 24 11/5/1996 Tue UTSA proposes UC fee increase
281 19 25 11/12/1996 Tue UTSA to offer new graduate degrees
282 19 26 11/19/1996 Tue UTSA Downtown awaits further funding
283 19 14 1/15/1997 Wed New building on campus now open for business
284 19 15 1/21/1997 Tue Downtown campus funding in hands of legislature
285 19 16 1/28/1997 Tue Limited space creates crowded commencement
286 19 17 2/4/1997 Tue UTSA battles low freshmen retention
287 19 18 2/11/1997 Tue Student government tackles UC fee increase
288 19 19 2/18/1997 Tue UTSA blocked from IRC
289 19 20 2/25/1997 Tue Lawsuit alleges Kirkpatrick coerced political donations
290 19 21 3/4/1997 Tue UTSA rallies behind ailing ambassador
291 19 22 3/11/1997 Tue Student tax credits get endorsements, scrutiny
292 19 23 4/1/1997 Tue Hispanic faculty call report prejudiced
293 19 24 4/8/1997 Tue Experience Party hopes to reform UTSA's student government
294 19 25 4/15/1997 Tue UTSA grad student sets her sights on city council
295 19 26 4/22/1997 Tue AFROTC instructor headed for Leavenworth
296 19 27 Summer 1997 Welcome to the rest of your life...

Photo PollEdit

Date Listed Author(s) Question
8/27/1996 Jessica Torres, Stephanie Dubick Are you convinced life once existed on Mars? Why or why not?
9/4/1996 Stephanie Dubick What was your initial reaction to the shooting in the library?
9/10/1996 Stephanie Dubick Do you think you got your money's worth with the new UC? Why or why not?
9/17/1996 Stephanie Dubick, Gary Wright What do you think of the statues?
9/24/1996 Jessica Torres What has student government done for you?
10/1/1996 Gary Wright The police chief says that there is always available student parking on campus. How do you feel about that?
10/8/1996 Jessica Torres What do you think about the quality and price of food on campus?
10/15/1996 Stephanie Dubick Why would you vote for Bob or why would you vote for Bill?
10/22/1996 Stephanie Dubick If you were to pierce any part of your body, which would it be?
10/29/1996 Jessica Torres What are you doing for Halloween?
11/5/1996 Stephanie Dubick What political party do you subscribe to? Why?
11/12/1996 Stephanie Dubick How would you feel if the university increased student fees to pay for the miscalculated cost of the UC?
11/19/1996 Jessica Torres What do you think about the UTSA bookstore selling Playboy and Playgirl magazines?
1/15/1997 Jessica Torres How do you feel about the University publishing phone numbers in the faculty/student directory?
1/21/1997 Jessica Torres How do you feel about having the Commencement in the Convocation Center?
1/28/1997 Delia Arzola How are you financing your education?
2/4/1997 Delia Arzola What is the weirdest or most interesting thing you've ever seen on the internet?
2/11/1997 Delia Arzola What did you think of the new Star Wars movie?
2/18/1997 Delia Arzola What do you think of the quality of education at UTSA?
2/25/1997 Delia Arzola What would you name Michael Jackson's new baby?
3/4/1997 Delia Arzola What do you think about the new business building?
3/11/1997 Delia Arzola Who would you clone if you could and why?
4/1/1997 Atenea Arzola What movie would you most like to see rereleased in theaters?
4/8/1997 Atenea Arzola What issues would you like to see covered in the Paisano?
4/15/1997 Atenea Arzola What is the purpose of Fiesta?
4/22/1997 Atenea Arzola If money was not an option, where would you travel?
Summer 1997 none none


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